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Lynne Baxter's parents arrive at the Motel and Jane Smith directs them to the sitting room.  Lynne welcomes her parents and introduces them to Sandy.  
Jim Baines tells Sharon that he has told Muriel about their scheme.  Jim asks Muriel if she is ready to go out to dinner with Mr Ozzimoto but Muriel tells him that she isn't going.  She says she would only spoil things for him.   
Jim Baines goes to the motel alone.  Mr Ozzimoto arrives and Sharon brings him over to Jim.  "This is Stan Harvey," she says, introducing Mr Ozzimoto to Jim Baines.  Jim tells Mr Ozzimoto that he will show him around the garage and then take him to a restaurant in Birmingham for dinner.  Mr Ozzimoto says he is staying at the Crossroads Motel and he would like to eat there.  
Jane Smith goes to the Baines' home to babysit for them whilst Muriel and Jim go to dinner with Mr Ozzimoto, but Jane finds Muriel still at home.  Muriel tells her that she decided not to go to dinner with Jim.
Jim and Mr Ozzimoto have coffee in the reception foyer.
Sandy and Lynne have coffee in the sitting room with Mr and Mrs Baxter.  Lynne tells her parents that she and Sandy are going to be married at Easter.
Jane Smith returns to the motel and is just about to confront Jim Baines when David Hunter calls her over.  David tells Jane that Jim Baines is on business and doesn't want to be disturbed.  He asks Jane to look after the reception desk for a few moments.  Once David has left reception Jane rushes over to Jim Baines.  Jim, seeing that Jane wants to talk to him, excuses himself from Mr Ozzimoto. "What is it Jane?" he asks.  Jane tells him that Muriel is ill and she is worried about her.  Jim says he knows but not to bother him now.  
Later that evening Mr Ozzimoto is alone in reception when he asks David Hunter for some cigars.  David asks Jane Smith to look after reception whilst he goes to fetch the cigars.  "I'm sorry I disturbed you and Mr Baines earlier," Jane says to Mr Ozzimoto.  "Surely you mean Mr Harvey," says Mr Ozzimoto.  "No, that isn't Mr Harvey, that's Jim Baines, his foreman," says Jane.  "Thank you for telling me," says Mr Ozzimoto.
*** End of Episode 2874 ***
Stan comes into the motel and tells David that he saw a note on his desk about Mr Ozzimoto arriving today.  David tells him that Jim Baines is taking care of him.
Stan goes to the sitting room and tells Meg that he had a phone call from Jill and she has left him. 
Sandy leaves Lynne Baxter alone with her parents who tell her that they don't approve of Sandy.  "He isn't our idea of a son in law," says Mr Baxter.  Lynne says that before they arrived she was over the moon.  "Why can't you be happy for me.  Mrs Mortimer is," says Lynn.  "I'm not surprised.  She's getting a daughter in law and a state registered nurse rolled into one.  You can't expect us to be glad to see our daughter married to a cripple," says Mrs Baxter.  Lynne storms out. 
Episodes 2876 to 2880 January 1978
See Archive Volume 8
Stan Harvey returns to Chimney's and finds Ingrid Larson there.  He tells her that he is going on a business trip to Hamburg for 3 months.
David tells Sharon Metcalfe that Stan Harvey arrived unexpectedly at the motel the previous evening when she and Jim were looking after Mr Ozzimoto, but Stan didn't meet Mr Ozzimoto.  "As long as Mr Ozzimoto goes on thinking Jim is Stan." says David.  Jane Smith, on duty at the reception desk, hears them talking.  "You're talking about Mr Ozzimoto getting Stan muddled up with Jim, aren't you.  Yes, well I got him on his own and told him it wasn't Stan but Jim," says Jane.   
Sharon Metcalfe tells Jim Baines that Jane Smith told Mr Ozzimoto that he wasn't Stan Harvey.  "Well this is it then.  It probably means the sack for all of us," says Jim.  Stan Harvey arrives at that moment and Sharon and Jim tell explain what happened.  Jim says there was nothing else they could have done because he was away.  Stan asks Sharon to find out if Mr Ozzimoto has left the motel yet.  Sharon phones reception and is told that Mr Ozzimoto has checked out of the motel.

1978 Episodes

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