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Adam Chance meets Sarah Alexander and tells her that she should see David, even if it's just to tell him to stay out of her life.  Sarah tells Adam to tell David that she will see him.     
The reception desk tells John Latchford that there is someone to see him.  John goes to the reception desk and faces the young woman and says he believes she wants to see him.  The woman tells him that she is Donna Walker, his daughter.  John Latchford says he can see the resemblance now, she takes after him.  Donna tells him she doesn't, she isn't a liar and a cheat. 
Donna Walker tells John Latchford that he was supposed to be spending Christmas with her and her mother, but instead he's got some tart he'd rather be with.  John tells her that he won't have her talking about Kath like that.  He tells his daughter that he would like her to meet Kath, but Donna says she doesn't want to.  She tells him that she has said what she wanted, and now she is going.  John asks her to stay.
Barbara Hunter joins David in the office and finds him putting his coat on.  She says she didn't know he was going out, and says she will come with him.  David tells her it's just business.  David goes out and see's Jill Chance in reception.  He tells her that he will be gone a couple of hours.
Donna Walker comes to the reception desk and asks if she can book a chalet.  She says Mr Latchford advised her to book one as soon as possible.  Donna Walker signs the register and leaves reception.  Kath Brownlow asks to see the register.  "Well I never," she says when she see's the name.
David Hunter arrives at the hotel where Sarah Alexander is staying, and joins her in the lounge.  Sarah Alexander asks David how she looks and he tells her she looks very well.  "And very pregnant," says Sarah.  David says it suits her.  He asks her if it would be alright if they went for a walk, and Sarah says yes, as long as he promises to catch her if she stumbles. 
David and Sarah walk together in the hotel grounds.  Sarah Alexander says he hasn't told Barbara that he is here so there is hope for them yet.  David tells her that he didn't want to involve Barbara in this.  They sit down and David says they must discuss their child's future.  Sarah Alexander tells him that she would feel better if there wasn't a child.  David tells her that this child is very important, and Sarah tells him to show her how important it is to him by sharing their lives together, the three of them.  Sarah tells David that she still loves him.  She tells David that he is either afraid or he loves Barbara very much.
Douglas Brady asks Barbara if he could borrow her car for a few days because he has to go to London for a business meeting. 
Kath Brownlow goes to John Latchford's chalet and finds Donna Walker there alone.  Kath introduces herself to Donna and holds out her hand.  Donna Walker folds her amrs.  Kath says she was going to ask John to come to dinner but now she is here it's only natural that John should want to spend his time with her.  Donna Walker tells Kath that she has messed up her mother's Christmas, and kath says she didn't ask John to come here.
John Latchford comes into the chalet and senses the atmosphere.  He asks what Donna has been saying.  John tells Donna that her mother left him, he wasn't messing about, it was the other way around.  He tells Donna that he is going to marry Kath.
Douglas Brady is in the motel office discussing his business trip on the phone.  Anna Radek comes into the office and hears him talking about his trip to London.  She tells him that she will come to London with him, but Douglas says no.  Anna Radek tells Douglas Brady that she loves him, but Douglas says he is engaged to Miranda Pollard.  Anna tells him that he won't marry Miranda, J. Henry will see to that.  Douglas Brady tells Anna that J. Henry Pollard is backing him in a business deal and he wouldn't be doing that if he didn't consent to him marrying Miranda. 
David Hunter comes into the office and asks Douglas Brady and Anna Radek if he is interupting anything.  Douglas tells him no, they were just leaving. 
Douglas Brady and Anna Radek go into reception still arguing.  Barbara Hunter comes into reception and Anna Radek leaves.  Doug tells Barbara that David is in the office, but Barbara doesn't go to the office.
In the motel office David is sitting, staring at the floor.  Adam Chance joins him and tells David that he thinks Barbara knows he went to see Sarah Alexander.  David asks what he should do and Adam tells him that he should tell Barbara the truth, she loves him and she wants to share this with him.  David says he won't give up, he will fight Sarah for custody of his child.  "Don't tell me David, tell Barbara," advises Adam.
Adam Chance goes into reception where he see's Barbara sitting on the settee.  He goes over to her.  "You know don't you?" he asks.  "Umm," nods Barbara.  "How?" asks Adam.  "Mind your own business Adam," says Barbara.
Adam Chance tells Jill that Douglas Brady went to London with Anna Radek.  MIranda Pollard joins them in the office and Adam asks her if she would release her table reservation in the restaurant because Paul Ross needs the table.  Miranda says yes, she was supposed to be having lunch with Douglas but he stayed over in London. 
Kevin Banks tells Glenda that someone from the receivers was here earlier and as he is the junior partner his money has to go towards paying off the creditors. 

1985 Episodes

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