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Paul Ross announces to David Hunter that he and Anna Radek are getting married.
Joe MacDonald and Sid Hooper go home to Mavis's lodging house and Joe asks Mavis if Benny could have the spare room.  Mavis Hooper tells him that she has let the room.  Joe asks Mavis if it would be alright if Benny slept in his room and Mavis agrees.  Joe MacDonald asks Mavis who her new tenant is and Mavis tells him that it is Harry Maguire.
Miranda Pollard goes to Douglas Brady's chalet.  J. Henry Pollard joins them and says eh thought they might eat together.  Douglas Brady says he will go and find paul Ross to arrange it, but J. Henry tells him that Paul isn't available.  He tells Douglas that Paul is running sround getting a special license to get married.  "Who's the lucky girl?" asks Douglas Brady.  "The Polish girl, Anna Radek," says J. Henry, with a smug look of satisfaction.  J. Henry suggests thet meet in the bar for drinks before they eat.  "If you're still up to it Doug," says J. Henry Pollard.
Joe MacDonald tells Sid Hooper that Mavis has let a room to Harry Maguire. 
Douglas Brady joins Barbara Hunter in the motel bar, and Barbara asks him how he feels about Paul and Anna.  She tells her brother that she saw him and Anna in each others arms, but Douglas tells her that it's all over.  Barbara tells Douglas that she knows Anna Radek doesn't love Paul.
Later, Douglas Brady goes to Anna Radek's chalet and says he has come to congratulate her.  Anna tells him that she is marrying Paul because she loves him.
Glenda and Kevin Banks prepare to leave for Canada.  Glenda gives her mother Kath a photo of baby Katie Banks. 
Barbara Hunter goes to Anna Radek's chalet and asks her if she is sure she knows what she is doing.  She tells Anna that Paul loves her and she is using him to stay in the country.  Barbara tells Anna that she is using a really good man without telling him why.
Later, Paul Ross goes to Anna Radek's chalet and finds her packing.  Anna tells him that she is going to stay at another hotel until her replacement arrives.  She tells Paul that it would make it easier if he realised she loves Douglas Brady and she is only marrying Paul to stay in England.  Paul tells her that he knows it will be a marriage of convenience, and assures her that he will still marry her.  Anna asks him if he will divorce her to let her go into another man's arms, and Paul says he will hope that she will grow to love him.
Harry Maguire joins Sid Hooper, Mavis Hooper and Joe MacDonald at the breakfast table in the lodging house.  He asks Mavis if he could borrow some scouring powder to clean the bath.  Mavis says Sid was the last person to use the bath so he can clean it. 
Anna Radek see's Barbara Hunter and J. Henry Pollard in the motel reception area and tells them that she told Paul Ross the truth last night.  She says Paul still wants to marry her.
Later, J. Henry Pollard see's Paul Ross and says he hoped he was embarking on this marriage to help him get over Miranda and Douglas Brady.  J. Henry tells Paul that he is marrying Anna for love but she is using him, and he knows it. 
Later that day Paul Ross and Anna Radek are married.  They go back to the motel afterwards and David Hunter takes them into the bar for a celebration drink.  Miranda Pollard, Barbara Hunter and Jill Chance join them and Miranda suggests they all have dinner that evening as a treat for Paul and Anna. 
That evening Paul and Anna go back to her chalet.  Paul asks her which bed she usually sleeps in and Anna points to one.  Paul says he will sleep in the other one. 
The following morning Jill and Adam Chance sort through the mail in the office, and Adam comes across a letter addressed to benny.  Jill says she recognises Diane Hunter's writing. 
Benny asks Harry Maguire if there is any work for him in the garage.
Jill Chance see's Iris Scott and asks her if she knows where Benny is staying because there is a letter for him.  Iris tells Jill that she will give Benny the letter.
Iris Scott goes to Mavis Hooper's lodging house and gives Benny the letter.  Iris asks Benny if he is alright as he doesn't look his usual happy self.  Benny tells her that his friend Maureen died about this time a few years ago.
Douglas Brady joins Miranda Pollard in the motel office and tells her that the meal the previous evening was a mistake.  Miranda tells him that Paul and Anna set a good example, so why don't they follow their example.  J. Henry Pollard comes into the office and Miranda tells him that she and Douglas are going to get married right away.
Benny asks Harry Maguire about a word he doesn't understand in Diane's letter, and Harry Maguire lloks at it.  Benny asks him if he could read the letter to him.  Harry tells Benny that Diane doesn't write a very good letter because she hasn't put an address on it.  He says it seems that she doesn't want anyone to write to her.
Mavis Hooper comes into the room just as Benny is leaving, and Harry remarks to her that Benny is a strange lad.  Mavis says Benny is as good as gold.  She says Benny was away last year but he still sent her a birthday car.  "Unlike some I could mention," says Mavis, referring to Sid Hooper.  Harry tells Mavis that he has some experience of Sid from their army days and it was clear then that he wouldn't amount to much.
Douglas Brady and Barbara Hunter have a drink in the motel bar.  Douglas tells his sister that Miranda is determined to get married quickly although it will probably ruin his chances of J. Henry backing him in business.  Barbara asks Doug if he would still marry Miranda if J. Henry doesn't back him, and Doug asks her how she could doubt it. 
Terry Lawton, Diane, brother, arrives at the motel and books in.  Adam Chance see's him in reception and asks him what brings him here.  Terry tells him that he has come to see Diane, but Adam tells him that Diane isn't here. 
Anna Radek sends her marriage certificate to the British Embassy stating that she would like to remain in England. 
Terry Lawton goes to Diane's flat and finds Iris Scott there.  He introduces himself.  There is a knock at the door and Iris lets benny in.  Benny isn't very pleased to see Terry Lawton. 
Harry Maguire asks Sid Hooper to deliver a car to a customer but Sid says it is his darts match tonight so he has got to get away early.  Harry tells Sid that Adam Chance is looking to make cutbacks in staff and if anyone is to go then Sid would be first in line.

1985 Episodes continued

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