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Ken Sands tells Adam Chance about being made redundant from his last job.  Adam notices that he was shop steward in his last job.  He takes Ken Sands to have a look around the garage.
An attractive young woman named Lisa Walters arrives at the motel and asks for Paul Ross.
Iris Scott goes to Jill and Adam Chance's home Chimney's.  There she meets Gary Corbett and immediately takes a fancy to him.  Iris tells Gary that she knows about him breaking into Chimney's and says he was lucky.
David Hunter and Jill Chance interview Lisa Walters for the motel secretary's job.
Iris tells Gary that she spent three months in prison and she didn't get a second chance like him.  She tells Gary that she could really do with a friend at the moment, and arranges to meet Gary at the motel cafeteria. 
Paul Ross joins Lisa Walters in the motel bar and asks her how the interview went.  Lisa says she doesn't think she got the job, and Paul says he will find out.  Paul Ross goes into the motel office and asjs David Hunter if Lisa got the job, and David says he isn't sure if Miss Walters is right for the job.  Paul tells David that he is sure Lisa will be fine and asks David to consider her.  David says he is concerned about Paul's personal interest in the woman, and Paul says he only wants to help the daughter of an old friend.  David tells Paul that they will give Lisa Walters a month's trial.
Paul Ross joins Lisa Walters in the motel bar and tells her that she has got the job.  He introduces Lisa to Diane Hunter.
Benny is supposed to be going to the cinema with Iris Scott and Iris tells him that she can't go to the pictures with him.  Benny says it doesn't matter but he is obviously disappointed.
Carole Sands gives her father Ken a letter from Adam Chance.  Ken opens it and tells Carole that he has been offered the job as garage manager. 
Gary Corbett goes to the motel to meet Iris Scott. 
Ken Sands finds Carole writing a letter and asks her who the letter is to.  Carole tells him that she is writing to Dan, her older brother, who is in the army.  She then tells her father that actually the letter is to Adam Chance, giving in her notice.  She tells ken that she can't work with him.  Ken Sands says he will tear the letter up.
Gary Corbett tells Iris Scott that he would rather not stay at the motel incase he meets Mr and Mrs Chance. 
Ken Sands tells Carole that he won't let her throw away her apprenticeship.  Carole says it will be too awkward working in the same place as him. 
Iris Scott asks Gary Corbett what his parents are like and Gary says they are alright.  Iris asks him if his parents let him have anyone back to his room and Gary says no.  Iris suggests they go back to Chimney's, and says she has a key, but Gary says no.  Iris Scott spots Adam and Jill Chance coming into the motel and tells Gary that they could always ask permission.
Ken Sands starts his job as manager at the Crossroads garage.  Ken takes a phone call for Sid Hooper, and tells Sid that there are to be no more personal calls.  
Adam Chance goes to the garage office and tells Ken Sands that there is a Mrs Danbers waiting outside, and explains that her husband runs a driving school and the garage has a contract to repair their cars.  He says she had been waiting outside for fifteen minutes. 
Joe MacDonald waits in the motel reception for Doris Luke to give her a lift home.  Lisa Walters comes into reception and Doris notices Joe looking at her.  She warns him to stay away from Lisa Walters as she thinks she is involved with Paul Ross. 
Lisa Walters comes over to Joe and he asks her if she has found anywhere to live yet.  Lisa says no and Joe promises to look out for something for her.  Paul Ross arrives to take Lisa to dinner.
Over dinner Lisa Walters asks Paul Ross how he met her mother, and Paul says he was training in a hotel and her mother was a cabaret artist.  Lisa asks Paul if he and her mother were lovers and Paul says no. 
Iris Scott and Gary Corbett go to Chimney's.  Gary tells Iris that Jill Chance is upstairs and she can't just waltz in when she feels like it.  Iris says she intends getting herself invited here on a permanent basis.  Jill Chance comes downstairs and Iris asks her if she could have a word with her.  Gary leaves the room.  Jill asks Iris if she is in trouble and Iris says she isn't but there is a lot of trouble about.
Iris Scott tells Jill Chance that she comes to see Gary here so often that she may as well work here herself.  Jill says the answer is no, but Iris says that could mean trouble.  Jill asks for who and Iris says for Mr Hunter.  She says she knows something Mr Hunter should know by rights.  Jill asks her if it has anything to do with Barbara and Iris says no.  Iris tells Jill that it all came about in a very strange way.  Iris tells Jill that Chris is not really David's son, she heard some tapes belonging to Doctor Munro on which Rosemary Hunter was talking and she said she was pregnant when she married David.
Gary Corbett finds Iris Scott alone in the kitchen at Chimney's and asks her what is going on.  Iris tells him that Mrs Chance is upstairs thinking, and she will be down in a moment.  Gary Corbett leaves the house. 
Jill Chance joins Iris Scott in the kitchen and says she doesn't believe her.  Iris assures her that everything she has said is true, and she wil tell Mr Hunter.  Iris tells Jill that Glenda Banks knows, and asks her if she will take Glenda's word.  Iris dials Glenda's number and tells her that Mrs Chance would like a word with her.  Jill takes the phone and tells Glenda that she was just wondering how the baby is. 
The following morning Adam Chance notices that Jill is very thoughtful, and he asks what is wrong.  Jill says it's Chimney's, she feels she has neglected the place and really could do with someone to help around the place.  She says she was thinking Iris Scott could do some cleaning.  Adam says Iris Scott is a monster but Jill says Iris has had a tough time and she needs a job.
Colin Sands goes to the motel and speaks to his father ken in the garage.  Colin tells Ken that he needs a job.
Iris Scott arrives at the motel and talks to Kath Brownlow.  Iris tells Kath that she is here to see Mrs Chance about a job.  Iris goes into the motel office to see Jill, and asks her what she has decided.  Jill tells Iris that she has spoken to Mr Chance and he isn't very happy about giving her a job.  Jill tells Iris that she could give her some money but Iris says she wouldn't take money. 
Diane Hunter tips a bag of peanuts all over the bar floor and Colin Sands helps her to pick them up.
At Chimney's Iris Scott peels some potatoes.  Gary Corbett comes into the kitchen and asks Iris what she is doing here.  Iris tells him that she works here.
David Hunter tells Adam Chance that he and Barbara would like to take a week off.  Adam asks David how they would get in touch with them if needed, and David says they don't as there is no phone.  David tells Adam that he can manage the place and has his authority. 

1984 Episodes continued

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