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Kevin and Glenda Banks pack a bag ready for Glenda to go into hospital to have her baby.  Kevin brings down an old suitcase and tells Glenda that it looks like a service issue case.  He opens it and tells Glenda that it belongs to Arthur.  He finds a photograph of Kath when she was younger, and a letter addressed to kath to be opened by Kath in the event of his death.  Glenda tells Kevin to put it back but Kevin says it should be given to Kath.
Kath Brownlow arrives home and see's the letter.  Kevin tells her that it is from Arthur.  Kath opens it hurriedly.  Kevin and Glenda leave Kath alone.  She reads the letter and begins to sob.
Adam Chance see's Sharon Metcalfe and tells her that they need to talk.  He asks Sharon why she didn't tell him that she was going for the houseparent job at the home for the handicapped.   
Iris Scott arrives at the Brownlow's house to spend Christmas with them.  Kevin tells Glenda that perhaps they should give the staff party a miss but Glenda says she is alright.  Iris Scott asks Glenda if there is any chance of a job at the motel, and Glenda says she should ask Mr Hunter. 
Iris Scott asks Glenda about Doctor Munro and Glenda tells her that he went back to America.  Iris asks her if she remembers those tapes she took with Rosemary Hunter talking on them.  Glenda warns Iris not to drag all that up again.
Iris Scott goes to the motel garage and asks Benny if there are any jobs in the garage.  Benny says he doesn't think so but she should ask Sharon Metcalfe. 
Jill Chance invites David and Barbara Hunter to dinner at Chimney's.
Jill see's Sharon Metcalfe waiting in the motel reception for her interview with David Hunter for the houseparent's job. 
Following the interview Barbara asks David who got the job of houseparent.  David says no one, Sharon Metcalfe gave a really bad interview.  Barbara asks what happens now and David tells her that they readvertise.  David says he had better phone Doctor Wilcox and let him know. 
David telephones Alison Cotterill and tells her that the job as houseparent is hers if she wants it.  He asks her to consider it. 
Sharon Metcalfe goes to see David Hunter and asks him if he has reached a decision yet.  David tells her that they have offered the job elsewhere.
Sharon Metcalfe returns to the flat she shares with Diane and tells her that she didn't get the houseparent job.  Diane asks if she knows who got the job and Sharon says David Hunter didn't say, but she thinks it's Alison Cotterill.
The following day, Sharon see's David and asks if he could tell her who got the job.  David tells her that they offered the job to Alison Cotterill but she declined, saying that she didn't want to compete with Sharon.  Sharon says Alison would be really good at the job and she will try to persuade her to take it.
David and Barbara Hunter arrive at Chimney's for Jill's Christmas party, and Jill gives them a glass of punch.  Gary Corbett arrives and apologises to Jill for interupting.  Jill introduces him to David and Barbara.  Once Gary has left the room Barbara tells Jill that Gary is sweet, and David remarks that he certainly has a way with women.
Iris Scott returns to the Brownlow's house and finds Kath hoovering at eleven o'clock at night.  Kath tells her that she wants to get it done for when Kevin, Glenda and the baby come home.  The telephone rings and Kath answers it.  Kevin Banks tells Kath that she has just become a grandmother to a little girl, Kathleen Louise, weighing 7lbs 7oz.
Adam Chance looks for his wallet and tells Jill that he can't find it.  He says he had it this morning when he paid the milkman.  Jill offers to go back to Chimney's and look for it.
Sharon Metcalfe persuades Alison Cotterill to take the job as houseparent in the home for the handicapped.  Sharon asks Alison if she could give her a job at the home.
Jill Chance returns to Chimney's and begins to look for Adam's wallet.  Gary Corbett asks her what she is looking for, and Jill tells him that Adam has mislaid his wallet and thinks he left it at the house.  Gary says she should just come out and say it, they think he took it. 
David and Adam discuss finding a new secretary.  David tells Adam that they haven't got the December accounts from Sharon Metcalfe yet, and Adam says he will go and talk to her now.
Carole Sands arrives at the motel garage and says hello to Joe MacDonald and Sid Hooper.  Sid asks her what she is doing at the garage and Carole tells them that she is doing her mechanics course and she is looking for a job. 
Gary Corbett insists on emptying his pockets in front of Jill.  Jill tells him there is no need. Gary says there is no point in him staying here if they don't trust him. 
Adam Chance goes to the garage office and asks Sharon Metcalfe about the accounts.  Sharon tells Adam that she is quitting the motel and is going to work for Alison Cotterill.  Adam tells Sharon that he will give her a couple of days to think about it but Sharon says she doesn't need time to think about it.  She says she wants to leave as soon as possible, but Adam tells her that she must work her proper months notice.

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