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Kath Brownlow receives a letter of sympathy from Arthur's cousin Walter Soper.  Kath tells Kevin and Glenda that Arthur never mentioned Walter Soper.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Diane what Ashley has done, and Diane asks how Reg Lamont took it.  Sharon says he seemed resigned to it but he was in pieces inside. 
Kevin Banks tells Kath and Glenda that his parents are back from their holiday in Canada today and he thinks he will phone them. 
Oliver and Sally Banks receive a phone call from Kevin, and Oliver suggests that Glenda, Kath and Arthur come over to their house for Christmas.  Kevin tells Oliver that Arthur Brownlow has been killed, and Oliver tells Kevin that he and Sally will come over to express their sympathy to Kath and Glenda.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to the motel office and tells David, Barbara and Jill about what has happened to Reg Lamont.  Sharon tells them that one half of the garage is for sale.
David Hunter goes to the garage office and asks Sharon Metcalfe if Reg Lamonts activities could affect the motel in any way.  Sharon tells him that they won't because everything at the garage was above board.  David says they should go ahead with the deal to buy the garage, but Sharon tells him it isn't quite as simple as that. 
J. Henry and Valerie Pollard arrive at the motel and they meet Barbara, David and Jill in the office.  Jill Harvey tells J. Henry about what happened to Reg Lamont and J. Henry asks if this will affect the motel.  David says no.  Jill tells J. Henry Pollard that Reg Lamont is selling his 50% of the garage and J. Henry asks David fi he has done anything about it.  J. Henry Pollard asks David who is representing Reg Lamont and David tells him it is Morry Lander. 
J. Henry Pollard goes to see Sharon Metcalfe in the garage office and tells her that he wants to buy the 50% of the garage and whether or not she keeps her job depends on whether or not she helps him get the garage. 
Oliver and Kevin Banks sit in the motel bar when Sharon Metcalfe comes in.  Kevin introduces Sharon to Oliver, then leaves the bar.  Oliver Banks notices that Sharon is pre-occupied and she tells him about J. Henry Pollard and the garage.
J. Henry Pollard and Valerie Pollard talk with Kate Hamilton in the motel office and J. Henry asks her if she will be returning to the motel after the trial.  Kate says no.  J. Henry tells Kate that she musn't accept a low price for the casino, and asks her how she would feel about investing her money in a garage.  Kate Hamilton leaves the office, and J. Henry tells Valerie not to mention any of this to the Hunter's.  Valerie tells J. Henry that Kate will probably tell the Hunter's before she herself does.  "She's in love with David," says Valerie. 
Kath Brownlow is alone at the house when the doorbell rings.  Kath answers it to an elderly man who introduces himself as Walter Soper, Arthur's cousin.  Kath invites him in, and offers him a drink.  Walter Soper tells Kath that he remembers a son and daughter, and Kath tells him that Ron is away working on an oil rig, and Glenda is married.  She tells Walter that Glenda and Kevin live with her, and she tells Walter that he must stay and meet them.  Walter Soper tells Kath that he had better not stay too late because he has to find somewhere to stay.  Kath tells him that he can stay with them, but Walter says he doesn't want to impose. 
The motel staff and guests gather in reception the hear the village children sing carols. 
Paul Ross asks J. Henry Pollard if he can talk to him when he finishes his shift.  They arrange to meet in the office at ten o'clock. 
Paul Ross and J. Henry meet in the motel office and Paul Ross tells J. Henry that he was paid to spy in his business colleagues and his wife.  He reminds J. Henry that he was promised a corporation, and he would like him to keep this promise.  Miranda Pollard comes into the office and asks if she could talk to Paul.  J. Henry Pollard tells Miranda that Paul is all hers, leaves the office.  Miranda Pollard asks Paul if that is true.  "It depends on whether or not you lock your chalet door tonight or not," says Paul Ross.  "Half an hour then," says Miranda. 
Glenda and Kevin Banks arrive home and find Walter Soper there.  Glenda tells Kath that she never heard her father talk about a cousin called Walter.  Kevin asks Walter Soper how long he will be staying in the area and Walter says she doesn't know, he'll probably go to one of those hostels.  Kath tells him that he will do nothing of the sort, he will stay with them.
Oliver Banks has a drink in the motel bar.  He see's Sharon Metcalfe at the reception desk talking to Sid Hooper and is about to go over and talk to her when David Hunter comes out of the office and asks Sharon for a word. 
David Hunter and Sharon Metcalfe go to the motel office and David says he was wondering if there was any news on the garage.  He tells Sharon that he was thinking of making a bid and Sharon tells him that his bid wouldn't be accepted.  David asks why and Sharon says she has no idea, she can only assume it is something personal.  Sharon tells David that it is between him and J. Henry and if it was up to her she would let David buy the garage.
David Hunter talks to J. Henry Pollard and asks him why he is so interested in the garage because after all it is a fairly small investment.  J. Henry says it is small at the moment but he was thinking of a hypermarket.  David says this must be a jok, and says that a hypermarket should no and cannot feature in any of their plans.  "Your plans David," says J. Henry.
Sharon Metcalfe receives a phone call from David Hunter and Sharon tells him that she can't get in touch with Reg Lamont.  "I don't know.  It must be something personal.  Well, if you really want to know he said you get up his nose," Sharon tells David.  David hangs up.
Kath Brownlow talks to Walter Soper about something he mentioned when he first arrived, but Walter tells her it's not important.  Kath says she wants to know.  Walter Soper tells Kath that he lent Arthur a bit of money and Kath asks how much.  Walter tells her it was 500, Arthur said he needed the money for him and Kath to be able to get married. 
Kath, Glenda and Kevin go to Oliver and Sally Banks home for dinner.  After dinner Sally Banks offers everyone a drink but Glenda refuses, saying she has given up.  Sally Banks says good for her.  Glenda says she wants to be in good physical condition for when she has a baby.  Sally tells her that she understood she couldn't have children, and Glenda tells her it is a test tube baby.  Sally Banks looks at her and laughs.  "You know for a moment I thought you were serious," says Sally Banks.  Kevin tells her that they are serious.  Sally tells Kevin that she has never heard anything so absurd, it's like science fiction.  Kath Brownlow says she worried at first but now she knows how much Glenda needs this baby.  She says she has seen Glenda looking at babies in the street.  Kath tells Sally that her own children are precious to her and she doesn't know what she would do without them.
Walter Soper has a drink in the motel bar and Jill Harvey gives him his bill which comes to 9.78.  "That much?" asks Walter Soper.  Jill reminds him that he did have a meal in the restaurant.  Walter Soper takes out some money and counts out 5.  Jill tells him that they do accept cheques.  Walter Soper searches in his pockets and tells Jill that he seems to have left his cheque book at home.  Walter tells Jill that he should have staff discount, and Jill says he isn't staff.  Walter tells Jill that Kath Brownlow is his cousin.  Jill tells Walter Soper that she will take his 5 and put the other 4.  She says he owes her 4 and she won't forget.
Valerie Pollard asks Sharon Metcalfe to join her for a drink in the bar.  Valerie tells Sharon that she admires the way Sharon has carved a niche for herself in the garage.  Sharon says she has put a lot of hard work into it and would like to carry on working there.  Valerie tells Sharon that if she helps J. Henry get the garage then there is no reason why she shouldn't carry on. 
Kevin Banks drops a hint to Walter Soper that perhaps it is time he moved on.
Barbara, Jill and Kate sort out some mistakes made by Miranda Pollard.  Valerie Pollard tells them that if Miranda has made mistakes it is because she has something on her mind.  Jill Harvey tells Valerie that Miranda asked her for a few days off.  J. Henry Pollard joins them in the office and tells Kate Hamilton that he would like to make her an offer for the casino, and Kate tells him it isn't hers to sell.

1983 Episodes

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