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Paul Ross asks Diane Hunter if she has decided about J. Henry Pollards job offer and Diane says she hasn't.  Paul says he would advise her not to accept.  "You don't trust me do you Diane?" asks Paul Ross, and Diane says no, not a lot.  Paul asks her what it is about him that she doesn't like and Diane tells him that he kicks people who can't kick back.  Paul tells Diane that he is what is known as management material, and she is right, he does kick people and cracks the whip.  "Would you like to be like that?" he asks.  Paul says even more to the point, how far can she trust J. Henry Pollard.
Sally Banks tells Oliver that they are having dinner with J. Henry Pollard tomorrow evening.
Woman Police Sergeant Halls arrives at the motel and asks for Miranda Pollard.  Sergeant Halls and Miranda go into the office.  The police officer tells Miranda that she has come to ascertain whether if the writer of the letter becomes known, she will want to prosecute.  Miranda says yes, she wants to know who the poison pen letter writer is. 
J. Henry Pollard asks Diane Hunter if she has reached a decision, and Diane tells him that she would like to accept his offer. 
Paul Ross asks Miranda Pollard what happened with the police, and Miranda tells him that the police wanted to know whether she wanted to prosecute.  Paul says she said no of course but Miranda says she said yes she would prosecute but really she just wants to know who wrote them.  Paul tells her that the polcie will charge her with wasting police time. 
Sally and Oliver Banks have dinner with Valerie and J. Henry Pollard. 
Glenda Banks tells Kath that Kevin went to see his mother about trying to put them off having a baby.  Glenda says she wishes she could make Sally Banks see how important this baby is.  Kath tells her that there is someone who might be able to help, Sally's sister Marion Owen.  Kath telephones Marion Owen and asks her if she can come around for a chat tomorrow.
Sergeant Halls goes to the office to see David Hunter, and she explains that she is investigating a poison pen letter sent to Miranda Pollard.  Sergeant Halls asks David for a duty roster. 
Walter Soper goes for an interview and Kath Brownlow asks him how he got on.  Walter tells her that the vacancy was filled. 
Sergeant Halls goes to the garage office to see Sharon Metcalfe, who she knows from when Sharon was seeing Ashley Lamont.  Sharon asks her what she is doing here and Sergeant Halls tells her that she is making some enquiries.  Sharon says they must get together sometime.
Marion Owen goes to the Brownlow's home for afternoon tea with Kath Brownlow.  Kath tells Marion that she wanted to talk to her about Sally Banks' attitude towards Glenda and the test tube baby.
Sergeant Annette Halls, off duty, at Sharon Metcalfe's flat.
Oliver Banks has a drink in the motel bar with Reg Lamont's solicitor Morey Lander.  Morey Lander tells Oliver that J. Henry Pollard has bid 60,000 for the garage.  Oliver Banks tells Morey Lander that he would like to make an offer matching that of J. Henry Pollard's, so now Morey Lander has a choice.  Lander tells Oliver Banks that the garage is his.  They shake hands on the deal. 
Diane Hunter finds Sharon Metcalfe in a depressed mood and asks her what is wrong.  Sharon tells Diane that she saw J. Henry Pollard and Morey Lander having dinner at the motel so it is obvious they have made a deal.  She says she may as well give in her notice.
Later that evening Oliver Banks goes to see Sharon Metcalfe at her flat and tells her there is something she should know.  "It's sold isn't it?" asks Sharon, and Oliver says yes.  "I bought it," says Oliver.  Sharon hugs him and says she doesn't have to tell him how much this means to her.  Oliver says he can see it on her face.  Oliver Banks kisses her and Sharon pulls away.  "Oh no.  I come with the garage but on a working basis only," says Sharon.
Jill Harvey asks David Hunter if he has heard the rumour that the council are thinking of building a bypass which will go right through the motel grounds. 
Miranda Pollard tells Sergeant Halls that she would like to keep the poison pen letter business from her father because he has a bad heart.  Sergeant Halls asks Miranda if she still has any involvement with Paul Ross as the letter suggested, and Miranda says yes.  The police woman asks Miranda if  anyone would be jealous enough of that relationship to write that letter.  Miranda tells her that Diane Hunter had an on-off relationship with Paul Ross.
Morey Lander meets J. Henry Pollard at the motel and tells him that the garage has been sold.  J. Henry asks when and who bought it, but Morey Lander says he is not in a position to say.  "It's David Hunter isn't it?" asks J. henry Pollard.  
J. Henry Pollard storms into the office where David, Barbara and Jill are working.  "David!" shouts J. Henry.  "The garage has been sold," says J. Hhenry.  "Who bought it?" asks David.  "Whoever you put up to buy it," says J. Henry.  David tells J. Henry that is he had put someone up to buying it and they had succeeded then he would have had the greatest pleasure in telling him.
Kevin and Glenda Banks go to the fertility clinic for Kevin to have some tests.  Glenda asks how long the test results will take to come through and the doctor tells her that the results should be through in about half an hour.  Glenda asks if it would be alright if they waited and the doctor says yes, but not in here as they are really busy.  Glenda says she isn't going to wait around only to find out that she has been turned down.  The doctor tells Glenda that she can't recommend her if she keeps getting so emotionally upset.
Sergeant Halls goes to Diane and Sharon's flat and finds Diane on her own.  Sergeant Halls tells Diane that she is investigating a poison pen letter.  Sergeant Halls says Diane had a relationship with Paul Ross and Diane says this so-called relationship lasted one weekend, then he called it off. 
Glenda and Kevin Banks wait in the clinic waiting room, and Glenda says she has spoilt things now, they probably won't get accepted. 
Sharon Metcalfe arrives back at the flat and finds Diane Hunter packing ready for her trip to Scotland.  Diane asks Sharon why she had to tell Sergeant Halls about her and Paul Ross.  She tells Sharon that the policewoman virtually accused her of writing a poison pen letter.  Diane tells Sharon that she can stay at the flat whilst she is away but when she comes back she wants her out. 
Glenda and Kevin Banks see the doctor at the clinic and Glenda apologises for her outburst earlier.  The doctor says she understands how much she needs this baby.  She tells Kevin and Glenda that the results of Kevin's tests were fine, so now all they have to do is wait. 

1983 Episodes continued

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