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Kevin Banks arrives at the Coach House and Carole Sands lets him in.  She shows Kevin the photos of the old couple's house.  Kevin looks at the photos and says it's really grim.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Sid Hooper that Mr Chance made Joe MacDonald acting foreman.  Sid Hooper tells Sharon that he had an agreement with Mr Chance but he doesn't want any trouble.  Sid Hooper goes to talk to Joe MacDonald.  "You won't have any trouble with me mate.  I won't be here," says Joe, and goes to the garage office.  Joe MacDonald tells Sharon that he is giving in his notice but Sharon advises him not to be too hasty and to hang on for a little while.  She tells Joe that Sid Hooper might not stay and besides the garage is changing hands.
David Hunter comes into the garage office and asks Sharon Metcalfe if she knows where Adam Chance is.  Sharon tells him that he has gone on holiday.  David asks her if Adam left a phone number where he could be contacted and Sharon tells him no.  "What the hell does he think he's playing at," says David angrily. 
Kevin Banks tells Carole Sands that he will help her to decorate the old couple's house.   Carole asks Kevin if he is from around here and Kevin tells her he is from Solihull.  Carole asks him what his father does for a living and Kevin tells her that his father is an insurance broker.  Carole looks surprised and Kevin says he supposes he is a bit of a disappointment because didn't follow in his fathers footsteps.
David Hunter arrives at the Coach House and Carole Sands tells him that Kevin Banks has agreed to help her decorate the old couple's house.  As Kevin Banks prepares to leave the Coach House David asks him how Glenda is.  Kevin tells David that Glenda is fine and thanks him for the get well card. 
Sid Hooper arrives at Mavis's house and finds Rose Scott sitting alone in the kitchen.  Sid sits down at the kitchen table and they start talking.  Rose Scott asks Sid what he does and Sid tells her to guess by examining his hands.  He holds his hands out and Rose takes them in hers, and begins examining them.  Iris Scott comes into the room and see's them.  "Have you two been introduced?  This is Mrs Scott, my mother.  This is Sid Hooper, Mavis's husband," says Iris.  They release hands quickly.  
Carole Sands asks David if Kevin's wife is ill and David says she had a bad cold.  "Bet she's nice," says Carole.  She asks David if Kevin and his wife have any children.  "Why didn't you ask him," asks David.  "Well I don't like asking personal questions like that.  I mean, he's a bloke and...well...he might get the wrong idea," says Carole. 
Kevin Banks arrives home shattered.  Kath Brownlow tells him that now he has finished the work at the Coach House he can take things a little easier, but Kevin tells her that he's just taken on another job. 
David tells Barbara that Carole has persuaded Kevin Banks to help her decorate the old couple's house.  "For nothing?" asks Barbara, and David says yes.  David says he thought Carole was quite taken with Kevin.  Barbara asks David if Carole knows that Kevin is married and David says yes. 
Ashley Lamont arrives home at his parents house.
Rose Scott tells Mavis Hooper that she met her husband last night, but she thought they were separated.  Mavis tells her that he walked out on her but now he's staying here because he is working in the area.  Rose suggests that now Sid is back she should smarten herself up, get some new clothes and a new hairdo.  "So you reckon if I smarten myself up I'll keep Sid this time.  I don't know if it's worth it," says Mavis. 
Reg Lamont tells his son Ashley that he has taken over the Crossroads garage and suggests that Ashley could run it for him.  Ashley tells Reg that he is happy doing what he is doing.  Jennifer Lamont comes into the room and Ashley asks her if she could do him a little favour.  He tells his mother that he has something he would like pressed.  Ashley and Jennifer go into the hallway and Ashley opens up his suitcase.  He takes out a policeman's uniform.
Barbara Hunter joins David in the motel office.  Kath Brownlow comes into the office and David asks her how Glenda is.  Kath says she is fine.  David tells Kath that Kevin did a good job at the Coach House.  He says Carole Sand's old couple are very lucky to have Kevin decorating their place.  Barbara says especially as he is doing it for nothing.  Kath tells them that she didn't know that Kevin was doing the job for nothing.
Sid Hooper see's Joe MacDonald working on a car and remarks that it will need overtime.  Joe tells Sid that his wife is expecting him home and Sid says she will have to wait.  Sharon Metcalfe overhears the exchange and asks what the problem is.  When she has heard the explanation Sharon tells Sid Hooper that he should have asked Joe earlier.  Sharon asks Sid Hooper if he will stay and help Joe. 
Sharon Metcalfe asks Joe MacDonald into the garage office and tells him that Sid will be staying late to work on the car as well.  Joe MacDonald says he knows what all this is about, it's because he is black.  "Well there are ways of sorting that out," says Joe.
Kath Brownlow asks Kevin Banks about this job he is doing for Carole Sands.  Kevin tells Kath that Carole Sands talked him into doing the job to help out this old couple she knows. 
Kevin Banks goes to the Coach House to pick up the money owed to him for the work he has done.  He tells Carole Sands that he will go and see the house with her next week.
Kath Bronwlow tells Arthur that Kevin is doing a job for nothing.  Arthur isn't too pleased and says he will have a word with Kevin.
David Hunter telephones Chimney's to try and contact Jill but there is no reply.  He puts on his coat and tells Barbara that he is going over there. 
Sharon Metcalfe has dinner with Jennifer and Reg Lamont at their home.  She tells Reg that Adam Chance has taken on another man as foreman instead of Joe MacDonald.  Ashley Lamont arrives and Sharon is introduced to him.  Sharon asks Ashley what he does for a living and Ashley tells her that he is a policeman. 
David Hunter arrives back at the Coach House and tells Barbara that Jill hasn't been home for a couple of days.  He says he spoke to a neighbour of Jills who told him that Jilll left with that 'nice Mr Chance'.  David tells Barbara that this gives him the excuse he needs.  "It's the last straw.  I want him out.  He's not buying back that 5%, he's selling that 5% he bought and he's out," says David.  Barbara tells Adam is fond of Jill, he has shown it in the past.  David says Adam is manipulating Jill to get her shares so that he can block anything he does. 

1982 Episodes continued

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