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The staff Christmas Eve party in the garage forecourt is in full swing with Benny and Joe MacDonald acting as barmen.  Benny gives Joe MacDonald a present for Joe's son Benjamin.  Adam Chance asks Sharon Metcalfe into the garage office and gives her a small brown envelope.  He tells her there is a bonus in it.  Sharon thanks him and moves towards Adam as if to give him a kiss.  Adam says he doesn't think a kiss is on, so they decide to shake hands.    
Rose Scott arrives at Mavis Hooper's house with a present for Iris.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to the Lamont house.  Jennifer Lamont gives Sharon a present, a china figurine.  Reg Lamont manages to have a few moments alone with Sharon whilst Jennifer is out of the room, and he gives Sharon his present to her.  Sharon opens it and gasps, it is a gold watch.  She says she isn't going to accept it, but Reg Lamont insists,  "What will Jennifer think?" asks Sharon.  "Let's find out," says Reg and before Sharon can stop him, he calls out for Jennifer.  Jennifer Lamont comes back into the room and Sharon shows her that watch which Reg has just given her.  Jennifer looks at it and says it's very nice, and Sharon says she can't accept it, but Jennifer says she must.
Rose Scott gives Iris a Christmas present and Iris tells her that it won't make up for the thirteen years.  
At the Brownlow house Kevin, Glenda, Kath and Arthur have a Christmas drink.  Rose Scott arrives looking glum.  Kath asks her how it went with Iris and Rose doesn't answer, she just stands in the doorway looking down.  "I told you not to expect too much," says Kath.  "Look who I've bought for Christmas," says Rose and brings Iris Scott into the room.  "I told you it would be alright," says Rose.
Adam Chance talks to Kevin Banks and tells him that the motel are going to lose a lot of money over this business.  Adam tells Kevin that if he leaves he will get compensation.  "I want work, not a hand out," says Kevin. 
Benny receives a letter from his father Tom Read's second wife.  He gives it to Joe MacDonald who reads it out to him.  The letter says that Tom Read is ill and he is asking for Benny.
Percy Dobson joins Adam Chance and Jill Harvey in the motel office.  Outside the office Dobson's men are congregating holding placards.  Adam telephones David at the Coach House and tells him about the situation.  David tells Barbara that they have a strike on their hands.
Benny asks Adam Chance if he could have some time off to go and see his dad.
David Hunter arrives at the motel and faces Percy Dobson.  Percy Dobson tells him that if Kevin Banks leaves then his men will be back at work tomorrow.  "You get this job done Dobson or I'll make this stick to your firm like glue or mud," says David.  David tells Dobson that there is a long term maintenance contract available and Dobson says it was agreed that he would have the maintenance contract.  David says yes, only if he completed the job.  Percy Dobson tells David that he will talk to the men.
Percy Dobson leaves the office as Adam and Jill come in.  Adam asks David what happened and David tells them that there is a good chance that the men will go back to work.  "We've won," says Jill.  David tells her that haven't won, they've lost their completion date. 
Benny tells Mavis Hooper that he has to go and see his father because he is ill, and he doesn't expect her to keep his room for him.  Mavis says she can't afford to really.
Adam Chance tells Sharon Metcalfe that they must learn to work together more easily.  Sharon tells Adam that she doesn't like working with him and walks out.
Kath and Arthur Brownlow, and Kevin and Glenda Banks get ready to go to the New Years Eve dinner and dance at the motel. 
Sharon Metcalfe goes to the Lamont's house for New year's Eve and tells Reg that she has quit her job at the garage.  She says Adam Chance made insinuations about how she had earned the gold watch that Reg gave her.  Reg Lamont goes into the other room and telephones the motel garage.  He speaks with Adam Chance and asks him to come for a drink.
A little later Adam Chance arrives at the Lamont house and Reg tells him that he heard about his and Sharon Metcalfe's misunderstanding.  Reg takes Adam into the living room where Sharon Metcalfe is.
Arthur Brownlow arrives home after his office party a little worse for drink.  He sits on the settee with Rose Scott.  Arthur tells her that she is very beautiful and leans forward to kiss her, but Rose backs away. 
The following morning Arthur and Kath Brownlow, Kevin and Glenda Banks and Rose Scott sit down for breakfast.  Arthur is a little embarrassed about his behaviour the previous evening. 

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