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B.J.Thornton tells Stan that Jill had a headache so he took her home.  He says his wife, Emma, arrives next week and suggests they all have dinner together.  When they get back home Jill tells Stan about Thornton's invitation to Newbury and says she doesn't know if she should go or not.  Stan tells her that if she wants to go she should.
Clover Hawkins tells Benny that she would like to go home. 
Gus Harmon goes to Vera's boat where he finds Clive Merrow alone.  He tells Clive that he came to talk to him and that Vera doesn't know he is here.  "What do you want from her?" asks Gus.  "We all know what you want," shouts Clive.  Gus stands up angrily to face Clive just as Vera arrives home.  She asks what is going on and Gus says he just came to sort things out with Clive.  "This is between Clive and me," says Vera.  "Oh family matter eh" says Gus, and goes to the door.  "Oh Gus..." pleads Vera, and asks him to stay.  "Clive's going to work now, aren't you Clive," she says.
Benny takes Clover Hawkins back to her house.  When he returns to Heywood Farm Diane suggests they go to the pictures but Benny says he's going to stay at the farm incase someone phones about the advertisement for a live-in help for his gran.
Alone at Heywood Farm Benny hears a dog barking outside.  He see's someone pass by the kitchen window.  "Who's there?" he asks.  There is a knock on the door and Benny opens it.  Josie Welch stands outside.  "Hello Benny boy.  Are you alone?  I'll come in then," she says and walks past Benny into the farm kitchen. 
Lisa Scott, a university friend of Clive Merrow comes to the motel and talks to Clive who is working behind the bar.  She tells him that she has got a small bedsit next to her room and he could stay there whilst he is at university.  
Josie Welch tells Benny that she saw the advertisement for someone to look after his gran and thought she would apply.  Benny says they were looking for someone a little older.
Later, Diane and Ed return to the farm and Benny tells them that he has found someone to look after Clover Hawkins.  He tells them that he has told the woman that she has got the job.  "What!  You could have asked us first," says Ed.  "It is my gran," says Benny.  Diane tells Benny to lay the table.  "Is there enough for four?" asks Josie Welch as she comes into the kitchen.  "You!" shouts Ed.  "I suppose it must be a bit of a surprise," says Josie.  Benny expains that Josie lost the baby she was expecting and needs the work.
Rosemary Hunter goes into the sitting room looking for David but finds Sandy alone.  Sandy tells her that David is catching up on some sleep as he has to do night duty this evening.  Rosemary says Sandy mentioned that David had some problems and asks what they were.  Sandy explains about Hugh and Anthony Mortimer causing a bit of trouble for David and that David went to Guernsey for a while.  Sandy says it's all over now.  "I don't know.  I have heard that lightening can strike twice in the same place," says Rosemary. 
Rosemary reads a letter in a magazine about someone being lonely.  "Would you say David's lonely?" she asks Sandy.  Meg comes into the sitting room before Sandy can answer, and he leaves to go to bed.  Rosemary asks Meg about David going to Guernsey and Meg tells her that he went to look after his uncle's hotel because he was ill.  "That's funny.  David hasn't been to see his uncle Phil for ages.  I wonder what made him decide to go," says Rosemary.
Meg leaves the sitting room to go to reception.  Rosemary picks up the phone and dials a number.  "I want to find the number of a hotel in Guernsey please," she says.

1977 Episodes continued

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