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Everyone at the motel is in the Christmas mood except David, who is still working.  Meg finds him in the office and says he should be enjoying himself.  "Look Christmas is a family occasion.  It's alright for some, they've got family around them.  I see my son once a year and my ex-wife sends me a glossy Christmas card.  How am I supposed to enjoy myself?  Two years ago Anne and I got together for Christmas and last year the decorations fell down in reception," he says.  Meg laughs and looks at him sadly.  "Alright.  I'll leave you to get on with your work," she says.
Jill, Stan and baby Sarah Jane join Meg and Hugh in the sitting room for drinks.  Shortly after David and Diane join them.
Carney and his dog Betty are spending Christmas alone as Wilf has banned him from the house.
Meg and Hugh are looking for a home for themselves after their marriage and David reminds them that he is selling his cottage.  Hugh says they'll go and have a look.
Mr Keith Willet books into the motel.
Carney's dog, Betty, wonders into Wilf's house and Florrie suspects something is wrong.  She goes to Carney's home and finds him ill.
Keith Willet asks Vera Downend to have dinner with him on New Years Eve.  Shortly after Keith Willet see's Dot Smith and asks her to have dinner with him on New Years Eve.
Episode 2247 December 1974
See Dvd Volume 1 / Archive Volume 4
Anne Powell goes to Bob's rented house and tells him that she is here to collect some of her things.
Mr Booth brings Shughie some bagpipes and Shughie says he will play them at the New Year's Eve party.
Bob Powell unwraps a parcel containing some books and pours himself a drink, which he knocks over.  He picks up an LP record and tries to get it out of its sleeve.  Impatiently he throws it to the floor.  He phones the motel but gets a wrong number.  He tries again and this time gets through to David Hunter.  Bob asks him to come over and join him for a drink but David tells him that he has already refused one invitation that evening because he has a lot of work to do.  Bob slams the phone down.
In the motel reception everyone is enjoying the New Year's Eve party.  Shughie McFee makes his entrance playing his bagpipes and wearing his kilt.  His playing is surprisingly good and Mr Booth thinks that he has underestimated him, until he goes into the kitchen.  There he finds a cassette tape recorder, so he switches it off.  Shughie is left standing blowing into his bagpipes with no sound coming out.  
*** End of Episode 2247 ***

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