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Jane Smith tells Vera that the redevelopment scheme which is resulting in the knocking down of Wilf Harvey's house will affect her canal boat too.
David goes to the Powell's house and Anne tells him that Bob is slowly going blind and he was trying to push her and David together again so that she would be looked after.  David asks Bob if he is sure that an operation would be a waste of time as he seems to think.  Anne tells Bob that she is staying with him but Bob says he doesn't want her.  David talks to Bob alone and persuades him to go and see a specialist.  "You need Anne and she needs you," he says.
At the motel David asks Keith Willet to come to his office and tells him that he has been charged for two meals, one in his chalet and one in the restaurant.  He telephones Amy and asks her to come and sort it out.  Keith Willet says there is no needs but David insists.
Meg joins David and Keith Willet in the office and asks to speak to Keith Willet alone in the sitting room.  In the sitting room, Meg tells Keith that she knows he has been double dating Vera and Dot.  "That's a very childish thing to do.  Where's your brother Mr Willet?" asks Meg.  Keith Willet admits to having an identical twin.  Meg laughs but warns him not to do it again.
Hugh Mortimer offers Brian Jarvis a job as an architect for the new redevelopment but this would mean Brian resigning as a councillor.  Brian decides to turn down Hugh's offer of a job.
Mrs Witton has noticed that Jane Smith has been going out a lot in the evenings and is always talking about someone called Major Sullivan.
Wilf Harvey discovers he has rats so he lays down some poison. 
Amy tells Brian that her son Billy usually sends her a Christmas card and a birthday card every year but this year he has forgotten. 
Shughie McFee asks fellow Motel employee Mrs Witton out for a drink, and she accepts.  They go to the pub and a few moments later Sandy Richardson and Brian Jarvis arrive at the pub.  Later that evening the Salvation Army band begin playing in the pub and some of the ladies begin collecting money; one of them is Jane Smith dressed in Salvation Army uniform.
David telephones Stan Harvey and asks him if he could come and fix some lights at the Motel.  Stan tells him that he has another job and he will come later, but David says he would like them done now.  "I phoned yesterday and left a message with your father," says David.  "You could have told me" Stan says, turning to his father Wilf.  "If you can't come I'll have to get someone else," says David.

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