End of the Road For my Rolls?

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Article from the News of the World, July 19th, 1981
by Noele Gordon
I have just one luxury in my life - a stunning Rolls Royce.
I know it's an indulgence, but it's my own personal pride and joy.  And I can at least afford to run it until I leave Crossroads.
I very much doubt if I will be able to afford all this extravagance when I have to start life all over again as a freelance actress.
But, at the moment, I plan to continue with my life in the Midlands.  I have been there for nearly a quarter of a century and I cannot think of living anywhere else.
The people of Birmingham have taken me into their hearts as well as their homes.  Their loyalty and friendship have been just tremendous.  Without it, I very much doubt if I could have coped with my present bout of unhappiness and insecurity.
For the past three weeks taxi drivers and motorists have been giving me the thumbs-up signal with shouts of "Goold ole Noele, we're for you mate."
The flowers arriving at the studios from well-wishers have been enough to start a florist's shop.
Letters are still arriving in sackfuls and I will try to answer every one.  But if I fail I hope all my friends and sympathisers will understand.  You have all been wonderful.
Friends tell me the news of Meg's sacking has even hit the American Press and TV screens.
Whoever would have thought her departure would become an international incident!
Special thanks to Maria Brabiner for the article

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