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Article in News of The World, July 19th, 1981 by Noele Gordon
Tony Adams, who plays Adam Chance in Crossroads, is my current escort and we're very close.
I can say he's my closest friend for we see a lot of each other both in the studios and in our off-duty hours.
Tony was the one I turned to when I was sacked.  He's been helping to organise my life.
I find him a most exciting and glamorous companion.  We have a lot of fun together, driving in his open sports car, sailing at weekends and generally enjoying ourselves.
His appearances on Crossroads following his role as Dr Neville Bywaters in General Hospital, have brought him a great following and many fans.
You can certainly count me among them.  We're good chums.  I look upon him as a soul mate.
Special thanks to Maria Brabiner for the article