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Stan Harvey apologises to Jim Baines, and thanks him for looking after the business.  He asks Jim how Jill is.  "In pieces," answers Jim.     
Stan talks to David in the sitting room and David says he knows a little about what is happening between him and Jill.  David says taking Sarah Jane away may not have been such a good idea.  He tells Stan that maybe he should put Jill's mind at rest.
Pat Grogan goes to see Maureen in the caravan where she and Seamus are living.  They hug each other.  "I meant to keep away.  You must tell Benny you can't marry him," says Pat.  "I can't Pat.  I haven't got it in me to hurt him," says Maureen.  "Go and tell him the wedding's off," says Pat.
Stan goes to Chimney's  with Sarah Jane in the back seat of his car.  "What's all this locking the door?" asks Stan.  "Well people have been known to come in the night and steal things," says Jill. 
Seamus Flynn tells Maureen that he will give her away at her wedding.
Jill pleads with Stan to bring Sarah Jane back.  "You can hurt me, but don't hurt Sarah Jane," pleads Jill.  Stan assures her that Sarah Jane is fine.  
On her wedding morning Maureen awaits the occasion anxiously.  Jane Smith helps her to get ready and tells her that the car is waiting outside.  Maureen tells her that she must talk to someone first, and sets off on her bike.  She nears a road junction and crosses it, wobbling on her bike.  A car drives at speed into her path and Maureen crashes to the ground.  The driver of the car stops and looks anxiously over his shoulder.
Meanwhile, at the registry office, Carney, Ed Lawton, Seamus Flynn and Benny wait for the bride to arrive.  
Jill apologises to Ingrid Larson for shouting at her the previous evening. 
Stan tells Sarah Jane that he will bring Sarah Jane back but warns her not to make a scene.
Pat Grogan comes to the caravan looking for Maureen.  Jane Smith tells him that she Maureen left on her bike saying that she had to go and see someone.  Jane suggests he phones the Crossroads motel to see if Maureen is there.
At the registry office Benny see's the bride's car pull up outside.  Jane Smith comes running up to him with an anxious look on her face.  "Benny, there's been an accident," she tells him.  "Where's Maureen?" asks Benny.  "She's in hospital," Jane tells him.
Stan goes to see Meg and tells her that he has taken Sarah Jane back to Chimney's. 
Episodes 2868 to 2875 December 1977 / January 1978
See Dvd Volume 2 / Archive Volume 7
Benny, Jane and Carney go to the hospital where the doctor tells them that Maureen has a fractured skull.  "That's bad isn't it?" asks Benny.  Carney says it needn't be.
Sandy goes to Chimney's to see Jill.  Jill asks him if he knows and Sandy says he knows a bit.  "You know there's another fella?" asks Jill, and Sandy nods.  "It's Anthony Mortimer, and sometime next year I'm going to have his baby," Jill tells him. 
Stan goes into the sitting room and confronts Anthony Mortimer.  Anthony asks Stan if he is going to sue.  "I'm sueing you for adultery," Stan tells him.  "And you'll win hands down.  You'll get what you want.  If that really is what you want," says Anthony.  Stan warns him to stay away from Jill.  "And do you think that's what Jill wants?" asks Anthony. 
Stan goes to Chimney's and tells Jill that he had a talk with Anthony Mortimer.  Jill tells him that Anthony has asked her to go to America with him.
Lynne Baxter joins Sandy in a firelit sitting room.  He tells her that everyone splitting up is making him feel down.  "I don't ever want to lose you," he tells her, and they kiss.
Jane Smith tells Benny that a nurse told her that Maureen is back in the ward, but that she is still unconscious.  They go together to see Maureen.
Sandy and Lynne find Meg and David in reception and tell them that they are engaged.
Benny sits beside Maureen's bed.  "Benny.  It's time to go," whispers Jane.  Benny kisses Maureen's hand, takes the white carnation from his buttonhole and places it on the pillow.
*** End of Episode 2868 *** 
Ed Lawton and Carney wait for news at Carney's cottage.  Benny arrives and Ed Lawton asks him how Maureen is.  "Has there been any change?" he asks.  "Yes," answers Benny.  "Well that's good news lad," says Carney.  "No.  She's dead," says Benny.  He tells them that she died in her sleep.

1977 Episodes continued

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