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Stan tells Jim Baines about the car which Frank Walton can get them for 1,600.  Jim says there has to be a catch, and he thinks Walton is only trying to impress Stan so that he can get into the partnership.
Benny tells Diane that the first thing he is going to do when he sells Clover Hawkins' house is buy her a plane ticket to America so that she can go and see her son Nicky.
Benny goes to visit Clover Hawkins in the home and shows her some photo's of Mrs Burrell's caravan.  He tells her that she can live in it at Heywood Farm and then they can look after her.  Clover Hawkins tells Benny that she will think about it.
Rosemary Hunter see's Sandy in the sitting room and asks him if he would have her bill made up because she will be going back to Switzerland the following day.  She says she only came here to help David and all she has done is get in his way.
Frank Walton tells Stan that he has bought the Volvo from Peter Plumber. 
Jill goes to the garage office to see Stan and he tells her that he has decided to borrow 5,000 from Meg, and that way he can run the business his way.
*** End of Episode 2687 ***
Rosemary tells Sandy that David will never be an equal partner because Meg has more shares than David. 
Lisa Scott has dinner with Constance and Clive Merrow.  Constance tells Clive that she likes Lisa.
Sandy talks to Meg in the sitting room and tells her that things haven't been easy lately between her and David, and the only way she can solve that is by making David an equal partner.  "I don't suppose Hugh would agree with it," says Sandy.  "No Sandy.  It's your idea and my decision, and I say yes," says Meg.
Sandy telephones David, who is on duty in reception, and asks him to come to the sitting room.  David goes to the sitting room and Sandy leaves him and Meg alone.  Meg tells David that there has been a lot of trouble recently over shares so she is going to sell him 1% of her shares so that he is an equal partner.  She tells David that it was Sandy's idea.  David asks Meg how Hugh feels about it and Meg says she will tell him later.  "Thank you Meg," says David, holding out his hand to shake Meg's.  Meg shakes his hand, then pulls her towards her, hugging him.      
Constance Merrow goes to see Vera and Vera asks her how the meal with Clive and Lisa went.  Constance says it was a bit awkward and she found Lisa to be cold, and a bit of a bitch.
David Hunter finds Rosemary in his flat gazing at a picture of their son Chris on the wall.  He tells her that Meg is going to make him an equal partner.  "Guess whose idea it was.  Sandy's," says David.  David takes down the picture of Chris.  "What are you doing?" asks Rosemary.  "I want you to take this back to Switzerland with you," says David.  "Oh I couldn't," says Rosemary.  "No, I want you to have it.  Here," he says and hands her the picture. 
Constance Merrow tells Vera that Clive seems to like the way she treats him.  "You know at the beginning of this I said you'd win him over.  Well, you've won and I've lost," says Constance.
*** End of Episode 2688 ***
Episodes 2689 and 2690 January / February 1977
See Archive Dvd Volume 6 
Josie Welch overhears Benny talking about Mrs Burrell buying Clover Hawkins' house and him buying the caravan for Clover Hawkins to live in.  Josie asks Benny if she could stay at Clover Hawkin's house until she finds somewhere else to live.

1977 Episodes continued

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