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Diane receives a letter from her son Nicky in America and shows Benny a photo of Nicky.
David asks Rosemary why she is putting herself out to please him.  "You know I like to please you and I'm still fond of you," says Rosemary.  "Yes, I'm still fond of you too, but I still think you're up to something," says David.  Rosemary says today is a special day.  "It's our anniversary," she says. 
Benny asks Ed Lawton how long before hand you have to book a flight, and Ed tells him it depends where you're going.  Benny says America.  He says Diane hasn't seen her son Nicky for a long time and if he sells Clover Hawkins house he will buy a plane ticket for Diane to go to America.
David and Meg are at the reception desk when Jill joins them and shows Meg her new hairstyle.  Rosemary Hunter comes to the desk.  David tells her that today isn't their wedding anniversary.  "We were married in the summer," he says.  "No it isn't our wedding anniversary.  It's something far more romantic than that," says Rosemary. 
Clive Merrow meets his mother Constance in the motel reception foyer.  He says he feels he has been neglecting her. 
Meg joins David in the sitting room and asks him if Rosemary is ever going to leave, and David says yes, eventually.  Meg says she has noticed that Rosemary has been paying him a lot of attention recently.  David assures her that everything Rosemary says doesn't mean anything.  At that moment Rosemary struggles into the sitting room carrying lots of bags.  "I'm back darling," she says.  "Oh hello Meg.  Look what I've got," says Rosemary, searching through one of the bags.  She brings out a bag and hands it to David.  "For you my darling," she says.  "For me.  You shouldn't have," says David.  "Well as soon as I saw them I could picture you in them.  Well aren't you going to see what it is," says Rosemary.  David opens the bag and takes out a patterned article of clothing.  "Pyjamas," he says.  "Hummm," coughs Meg and leaves quickly.
Constance Merrow tells Clive that she knows he is living with a girl.  Clive says he is living in the same house but they have separate rooms.  Constance tells him that if his father was alive he wouldn't approve.  "And I'd tell him man to man exactly what I'd say to you.  Get off my back," says Clive and leaves.
Clive goes to see Vera on her boat and asks her why she didn't him that Constance knew about Lisa.  Vera says he is too old to need protection from her, and Clive says Constance doesn't seem to think so.  Constance Merrow arrives at the boat and tells Clive to go and buy some beer from the off-licence.  Clive leaves and Constance tells Vera that Clive wouldn't talk about Lisa and told her it was none of her business.  She says she has nothing against Lisa but she is just worried about Clive.  Vera suggests that Constance ask Clive and Lisa out to dinner so she can get to know Lisa better.
Meg tells David that Rosemary said something about things changing if she and David were to get married again.  David thanks Meg for telling him and says that explains why Rosemary is being so nice.  "It isn't true then?" asks Meg.  "No of course not," David assures her.
Frank Walton meets an old friend Peter Plumber in reception and they have a drink.  Frank Walton tells Peter that he is in charge of the garage but Stan Harvey is the manager.  Plumber tells Walton about a second hand Volvo he has and if Walton is interested he can have it for the price he paid for it, 1,600.
Constance Merrow asks Clive to ask Lisa if she would like to join them both for dinner.
Stan Harvey joins Peter Plumber and Frank Walton in reception and they tell him about the Volvo.  Stan says he is interested.
Episodes 2687 / 2688 February 1977
See Archive Dvd Volume 6
David takes Rosemary into the sitting room and offers her a drink.  He says he knows she is trying to edge her way into buying shares in the motel.  "You think I'm just being a harsh business woman don't you.  It isn't only the shares.  I've been thinking about us for a long time," says Rosemary, moving closer to David.  "Think about it David.  Would it really be such a bad idea?" she asks.  She puts her arms around David's neck but David pulls away from her.  He says it's a nice idea but it wouldn't work.  He says they're friends, and they'll go on being friends.  "But husband and wife, no," he says.

1977 Episodes continued

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