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Ed Lawton and Diane tell Benny about their concerns about Josie Welch looking after Clover Hawkins.  "My gran needs someone to look after her and Josie needs somewhere to live," says Benny.
Rosemary tells David that she knows about Hugh and Anthony Mortimer causing him problems.  She says she feels he was driven out by some conspiracy.  She says she telephoned his uncle Phil in Guernsey and he told her all about it.  "I probably told my uncle more than I meant to," says David.  He says it's all forgotten now.  "What happens when Hugh Mortimer gets restless.  Oh David.  How long are you going to let them push you around!" says Rosemary.
Clive Merrow takes Lisa Scott back to Vera's boat and asks Vera if she can stay the night because it's late and too far for her to go home.  Vera angrily says no.
Rosemary and David walk into the reception area and David takes over from Meg at the reception desk.  Meg says he is late and she should be getting home to Hugh.  "Now where did I put my coat," says Meg.  "I think it's in the sitting room," says David and offers to fetch it for her.  "I'll go to my chalet then," says Rosemary and turns to leave.  "See you in the morning," says David.  Rosemary moves closer to David, puts a hand on his chest and kisses him on the cheek.  "Goodnight David," she says.  David walks away to fetch Meg's coat and Rosemary turns to Meg.  "You should be ashamed of yourself.  Making David stay up all night on your behalf.  I'm sure you'll survive but I hope David will.  Goodnight," she says and walks away.
The following morning Rosemary joins Sandy in the sitting room.  Rosemary says David told her the whole story and she knows what David had to put up with.  Sandy tells her that Anthony Mortimer invited their secretary to America and she isn't coming back. 
B.J. Thornton arrives at the motel without his wife, who is looking after her sister who has flu. 
Rosemary joins David in the office and says he didn't tell her that his secretary was Anthony Mortimer's girlfriend.  "Don't you see.  She reported everything you said to Anthony Mortimer," says Rosemary. 
Meg telephones Jill to warn her that B.J. Thornton is back and he is alone.  She says his wife is looking after her sick sister.  "Or so the story goes," says Meg. 
B.J. Thornton and Stan have a drink in the motel bar before going to Stan and Jill's for dinner.  B.J. Thornton pays the barman, Clive Merrow and gets up to leave.  He puts his cigar case on the top of the bar and places his newspaper on top of it, and then leaves with Stan.
Episode 2674 January 1977
See Archive Dvd Volume 6
Rosemary offers to help David with his workload.  She says she should buy some shares in the motel and join the board of directors.  "You'd be a director of Crossroads?" asks David.  "Yes, why not," says Rosemary.
At Jill and Stan's house B.J. Thornton searches for his cigar case and realises that he must have left it at the motel bar.  Stan offers to go and fetch it for him.  Jill is left alone with B.J. Thornton.
David explains to Rosemary that the shares are already allocated, 51% to Meg and 49% to him.  Rosemary says he could sell her some of his shares.
B.J. Thornton tells Jill that he wants them to be good friends.  He moves closer to her but they are interupted by a knock on the door.  Jill answers the door to Jim Baines who returns B.J. Thornton's cigar case.  Meanwhile, Stan arrives at the motel and asks Clive Merrow if he found a cigar case.  Clive tells him that Jim Baines found it and has gone to his house to return it to B.J. Thornton.

1977 Episodes continued

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