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Episode 2602 / 2603 August / September 1976
See Dvd Volume 1 / Archive Volume 5 
Meg and Hugh asks Anthony Mortimer's advice.  Meg tells him that Sir Hector Prince wants the motel to give evidence against his wife.
Rex Oliver tells Vera that Wendy Prince didn't give him the tie pin or the cuff links.  Meg comes into the hairdressing salon and tells Rex Oliver off about fratonising with the guests, especially Wendy Prince.  Vera sticks up for Rex. 
Anthony Mortimer explains to Meg and Hugh that she needs a witness who heard Sir Hector Prince book the conference room.  David tells them that Sir Hector prince told him he was booking the conference room.  "There you are.  There's your witness," says Anthony.   
Hugh Mortimer brings up the subject of the disco and says he and Anthony have decided to get an estimate on the conversion.  Meg fidgets nervously.  David says they will have to excuse him from dinner that evening because he has to go and see Hilary Maddox.
Glenda Brownlowe hitches a lift at the side of a road.  A lorry stops.  "Where to love?" asks the lorry driver.  "Brum," replies Glenda.  "Hop in," says the driver.  David goes to Hilary Maddox and Eileen Blythe's flat.  Hilary Maddox is alone and invites David in.  He tells her that Eileen has gone to stay with her parents.  Hilary tells David that she is expecting Bob, so David gets up to leave.  "No, don't go.  It might be easier to talk to Bob if you're here," says Hilary.
On the way to Birmingham the lorry driver pulls in to a layby.  "Why are we stopping?  I can go and hitch another lift if you want," says Glenda.  "You know you don't really want to go," says the driver and switches off his head lights.
Bob Powell arrives at Hilary's flat.  Hilary receives a telephone call and after she has finished the call she tells David and Bob that Sir Matthew received a letter from Mickey Brookes parents accusing her of neglecting their son.
The police receive a message concerning Glenda Brownlowe and they send out cars to search.  They stop at the layby and rush over to a crumpled body of a girl lying beside the road.  "Radio that we've found her and get an ambulance," shouts one of the policemen.
*** End of Episode 2602 ***
Mrs Helen Carey comes to the motel hairdressing salon to have her hair done.  She looks at Rex Oliver's cuff links.  "Do you like them?" she asks him.  "They're very nice," says Rex.  "Glad you approve of my choice," says Helen Carey, to an astonished Rex, who know knows who his secret admirer is.  Helen Carey and Rex have dinner together but first stop at the bar for a drink.  Rex introduces Helen Carey to Sir Hector and Wendy Prince.
Wendy Prince tells her husband that he can't prove that her and Rex were alone because according to the salon bookings Rex was doing her hair.  Sir Hector checks with the salon appointment book and see's that each time Wendy was having her hair done.  Later, they tell Meg that they have decided to give their marriage another go. 
Meg goes to see Rex Oliver and tells him that the Prince's have decided to drop their divorce action.  Rex asks Meg if she is going to give him the sack.  "I was going to ask for a weeks notice anyway," says Rex.  He tells her that he has become engaged to Helen Carey and they are both going to the south of France. 
*** End of Episode 2603 ***

1976 Episodes continued

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