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Malcolm Ryder tells Meg that the car accident was a case of mistaken identity.  He tells Meg that he hired a car in his name and when it crashed everyone naturall assumed that he was killed, but he wasn't driving.  "I was thrown clear, but the driver was killed outright.  I managed to get his passport and I took his identity," explains Ryder.  "I've got a good mind to turn you in," says Meg.  "But you won't do that.  Meg I had to do it," says Ryder.  "But you murdered that man," says Meg.

Malcolm walks towards Meg.  "You leave me no choice but to do what I tried to do once before," he says, menacingly.  At that moment Hugh Mortimer rushes into the sitting room. "The police have been called Ryder," he warns.  "I had to do it Meg.  You understand that," pleads Malcolm Ryder.  "But you did murder that man," says Hugh.  "Yes, but it meant a new beginning for me," says Ryder.  "Malcolm Ryder, you're under arrest," says a police officer from behind them.  Ryder tries to run but the police catch him and lead him away.  

David brings Anne to the motel for dinner and they order drinks from Amy at the bar.  She doesn't serve them but gives David a filthy look.  "I'll get them myself," says David.  Diane Parker tells Amy that she was very rude to David and Anne.

Bob Powell arrives at the motel unexpectedly and asks for his wife.  Diane Parker tells him to go through to the office.  Diane then goes to find David to warn him that Bob is there. 

David and Anne go to the office where they find Bob waiting.  Anne asks him for a divorce.  Bob laughs and says he was expecting this.  He takes it for granted that Anne is going to marry David but David assures him that they are not getting married.  Bob asks Anne if this is true and Anne says yes, and Bob agrees to a divorce.  He asks her where she will live and David tells her that she can stay at his cottage as long as she likes.

Shughie McFee has been telling everyone that he used to be a chef onboard a cruise ship.  Mr Booth tells Shughie that he has looked up the ship and it is only a ferry boat.  "It may be a ferry boat to you but to me it's a glorious cruiser," says Shughie.  They begin shouting at each other and are overheard by David, who says he will see them both in his office the next day.

Meg is worried that Malcolm Ryder will get bail and come back to the motel.  Hugh tells her that he will make sure he doesn't get bail.

Shughie McFee and Mr Booth go to David's office.  Shughie admits that he lied to them about his previous job.  He says he had a job onshore for about a year after he left the ship.  "But I did serve under the great Alfonso," he says and walks out of the office. 

Diane and Meg decorate the Christmas tree in reception.  Diane says she hates Christmas because she is alone.  "Rachael Fisher phoned today and asked me if I would go to Jamaica and New York with them," she says.  "Well, why don't you?" asks Meg.  "I couldn't," says Diane.  "Go on.  It would do you good," says Meg. 

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