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Welcome Home Sandy:  Sandy Richardson's home, and fit again.  This month's Crossroads Monthly features Roger Tonge, who's been portraying Meg Richardson's only son ever since Crossroads began.  Talking intimately about Sandy's life and loves, Roger has given Crossroads Monthly a personal view of one of the country's faviourite sons. 
Faye Mansfield - The English Rose at Crossroads:  Crossroads Monthly takes an intimate look at the Motel's femme fatale.
June Bolton - Mystery At The Motel:  June Bolton, playing Lia Hua, arrived at the Motel shrouded in mystery.  Now she lets us all in on a few secrets, personal and professional.
David Hunter, Meg's Perfect Partner:  A candid chat with Ronnie Allen who, as Crossroads' Manager David Hunter, has showed every viewer the way to keep the Motel running with unfailng charm and efficiency.
Tish Hope - A Tower Of Strength:  Check in with Joy Andrews, who plays Tish Hope, Meg's right-hand woman.
Dear Diary:  More pages from Meg Richardson's personal Diary. 
Do You Remember:  The Royal Visit to Crossroads; Cast of the Past.