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Crossroads' Frightened Femme Fatale

It's been a full year since Faye Mansfield - played by the lovely Fiona Curzon - swept into David Hunter's office and captured every male in sight...including Sandy!
But, as we all know, Faye the Femme Fatale was a lot less sure of herself than her stunning appearance made out.  Her problem was frigidy, a problem common to a surprising number of young girls, many equally as attractive as Faye.
"I feel very sorry for Faye," says Fiona, who is as classically beautiful off the camera as she is on the Crossroads set.  "She's quite attractive and she gets the fellows and everything, but her problem is a very sad one."
Fiona, who has a "super" boyfriend back in London, says that the frigidity problem is the main difference between herself and Faye.  However, from the amount of mail she receives on the subject, she has come to realise how many girls do suffer from it.  "I've even had sisters of girls with this problem come up to me in restaurants and tell me they've got their sister to watch the show because it could help them. 
"I've read quite a lot about the subject.  It's always something that is laughed at isn't it ...Oooooh, she's frigid! ...and I've come to respect the problem much more.  You never do understand people's problems until you get into them.  Psychiatry is a dirty word to many people and through the programme one is able to remove this idea and help people with a problem.  Faye is going to a psychiatrist and she's getting better."
At 25, Fiona is already a veteran performer, having performed in many television shows and two movies, including a horror film called Frightener ("it was about people eating brains!").  Funnily enough, before she took over the Crossroads role of Faye Mansfield, she was a tart in the London stage smash No Sex Please, We're British.
And after all that, how does she find playing a young lady who is frigid?  "In my own life I am very happy, so it doesn't affect me too much," she says, smiling disarmingly.  "But I have it thrown backat me quite a bit when fellas make passes and I say no ... 'Oh well, you're type-cast in this role' and so on, which is the most boring remark and is apt to get them a right good one across the chops!"   

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