Romance for Iris

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It's a picture Crossroads fans thought impossible.  Bitchy scheming kitchen hand Iris Scott all smiles...and cheek-to-cheek in love.
Angela Webb, who plays the spiteful lady, is marrying ex-pop star Robert Griffin, 31, on her 24th birthday later this month.  And among the guests at the Birmingham church ceremony will be Arthur the man Iris claims tried to rape her at the TV motel.
"Peter Hill, who plays Arthur, is really a very good friend so we've invited him," said Angela.
She met Robert, former bass guitarist with the Steve Gibbons band, six months ago.  They were introduced at a jazz evening by Lynette McMorrough - Iris's arch enemy Glenda in Crossroads.
Robert knew nothing about Crossroads until he met Angela.  "Now I never miss an episode," he said.  "Angela's totally unlike the evil Iris.  She's full of fun - and very romantic."

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