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Laura Marshall comes into the Crossroads Motel reception and tells Sandy that she has to go back to the university, where she teaches, and she doesn't know when she will be back.  She leaves the motel without another word, leaving Sandy puzzled.  Sandy tells David of his suspicions. 

Roy and Sheila find out that Winston is an orphan and until recently he has been living with a cousin but that the cousin is now in jail, and so Winston has nowhere to live.  Roy and Sheila put Winston up for a few days.  Mike Hawkins, a friend of Roy's, tells Roy and Sheila that Winston is not an orphan at all and he gives them Winston's home address.

David Hunter is very worried about Laura leaving suddenly without telling him.  Most of the motel staff, including David, have neen invoted to dinner to celebrate Bart Fishers successful fashion show, but David makes an excuse not to go.  After phoning the telephone exchange David finds out that Laura is staying in London with Elaine MacIntyre.

Diane tells Sandy that she isn't looking forward to Bart Fishers celebration party, and when Sandy tells her that David isn't going, she is even more worried.

David receives a letter from Laura, explaining that she is not sure about her future plans.  He telephones her, and she talks to him for a short while, then rings off.

Bruce Richardson receives another anonymous letter saying that he is practising illegally and accusing him of unprofessional conduct.  Bruce tells Sandy that he is in danger of losing his job because the General Medical Council received an anonymous letter accusing him of unprofessional conduct and they are looking into the accusations.    

The crowds at Bart Fisher's party are thinning out, until Bart and Diane are the only one's left.  He thanks her for making the fashio show a success and offers her some money, which Diane refuses.

Laura Marshall is anxious to get out of the house before David turns up because she knows that as he knows her phone number he will also know her address.  There is a knock at the door and Elaine McIntyre answers it.  David Hunter stands in the doorway.  "Hello.  My name's David Hun..."  "Yes, I know who you are," replies Elaine cooly.  "I want to speak to Laura," says David.  "I'm afraid that won't be possible.  She's just this minute gone out," says Elaine, and is about to close the door when Laura comes into the hallway.  "Go away David.  Go away!" she says and runs to her room, locking the door behind her.  Elaine is about to shut the door but David walks into the house and goes into the sitting room.  He tells Elaine that he is not moving until he has spoken to Laura. 

Elaine agrees to try to get Laura to speak to him.  She speaks to Laura through the closed door and Laura agrees to come and speak to David.  "Hello David" says Laura, walking into the sitting room.  David faces her.  "I love you," he says.  "Do you?  When I saw you and Anne Powell together you looked very happy.  You still love her don't you?" says Laura.  "For the last time.  I don't love Anne.  You've got to believe that Laura," says David.   

Roy and Sheila go to the address which Mike Hawkins gave them.  A black man answers the door and Roy explains that they are looking after his son.  The man tells them that they must be mistaken.  "I haven't got a son," he says and closes the door on them.  Back home, Roy and Sheila tell Wilf and Mrytle what happened when they confronted Winston's father.  "Apparently Winston ran away from home, and in the West Indies if a boy does that, then the father completely disowns him.  Winston's father doesn't want anything to do with his son," they explain.

David is about to leave Elaine's London house when she tells him that it is far too late to drive all the way to Birmingham tonight.  Elaine invites him to stay the night. 

The following morning Elaine McIntyre finds David tidying up his bedding from the sofa bed in the sitting room.  She says she trusts he slept well.  "You know Mr Hunter, before I actually met you I felt a very strong dislike towards you.  But now I've met you, I think Laura's making a big mistake," says Elaine.  "Well she doesn't seem to think so," says David.  "Where's your fighting spirit man.  You just stay on here and keep on at her and you'll ..." Laura Marshall comes into the room at that moment "... find she'll be wanting her breakfast in here.  So that's why I've put two of everything on the tray," says Elaine, and leaves Laura and David together.

David and Laura talk about old times and Laura recalls the time when her water pipes burst and she had to spend the night at David's home.  Laura tells David that she won't change her mind.  "Surely we can see each other at weekends," asks David, but Laura says no.  David, seeing that Laura won't change her mind, see's no point in staying in London and makes to leave.  She walks him to the door and they stand in silence looking at one another.  David bends and kisses her neck.  "Goodbye," he says quickly, and leaves.  The door bangs shut and Laura leans against the wall, biting her lip.  She runs to the window in the sitting room and watches as David walks down the path.             

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