Why Meg of Crossroads Deserved the Sack

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TV Husband Tells All

Article Sunday People June 28th, 1981
Actor John Bentley, who played the husband of Crossroads star Noele Gordon, has no doubts about her controversial sacking.
"She's got just what she deserved," he said.  "She never turned a hair when other artistes were chopped.  And her manner was often deplorable.  She behaved like an immovable headmistress in the studio and frequently threw tantrums.  There were rows and she imposed lots of stupid rules."
But John, who was in the series for eleven years before being written out, said Noele's unpleasantness was unnecessary.
He explained:  "When she wasn't angry she could be warm, gentle and kittenish.  And she has a lot of love in her just bursting to come out."
That view was confirmed by former amateur musical star Anthony Waters who for four years had a close friendship with Noele.
"We were never more than very, very good friends," said Anthony, 44.  "But we had marvellous fun socialising together, going to premieres and other events.  And I know that deep down she is desperately unhappy over leaving Crossroads."
As the controversy continued to rage yesterday Noele's long-standing friend, Lord Grade, boss of ATV who make the hit motel series, remained aloof.
He has twice been approached to intercede on her behalf, but has so far made no move.
Noele pleaded with Lord Grade, but even the ATV boss couldn't save her.  She asked if she could at least carry on for a further six months contract. 
But when Lord Grade put it to ATV's Director of Programmes, Charles Denton, he decided to stick to his decision to remove her from the cast.  Lord Grade explained that, under the Independent Broadcasting Authority regulations, he is not allowed to 'interfere' with programmes.  
Special thanks to Maria Brabiner for article 

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