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Sexy Carolyn Jones, who plays the man-eating Sharon Metcalfe, has just been measured for a wet suit.
Thanks to the pineapple diet and her hobby, scuba diving, the dark haired, dar-eyed chatterbox who's around 40, is now a trim 36-26-35.
The bubbly Canadian-born actress has taken up diving in a big way and she and her boyfriend - "No, I'm not saying who he is" - are off next month to explore the Red Sea.
Until her divorce Carolyn was married for fourteen years to actor Jeremy Mason, who pops in and out of Crossroads as accountant Richard Lord.
During her four years at the motel, she's had five on-screen affairs.
And off screen?  "Oh I can't say.  I'm a very loving person, but one at a time." 

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