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Actress Sue Lloyd is a firm favourite at Crossroads.  But while viewers know alll about her TV role as Barbara Hunter, there's another impressive side to the 41 year old actress.
For Sue is a top amateur artist who gets lots of orders for her murals.
"I started doing murals for friends and it snowballed," says Sue.  "Now I do them for all sorts of people."
But life hasn't been all plain sailing for Sue recently.  She has ended a six year relationship with film producer Richard Du Vivier.
But Sue doesn't blame the break-up on Crossroads, which meant she had to film during the week at ATV's Birmingham studios.
"After all, there are a lot of people who do jobs that take them away from home.  As long as you can get back at weekends, it's all right.  So, therefore, if it's going to work it will work."
When Sue is in Birmingham she stays at the home of fellow Crossroads star Ronald Allen.  But she is also looking for a new home in London.
Sue is not the type to get depressed, though.  She suffers from diabetes but refuses to let it get her down.  She says: "Luckily, it does not really produce problems.  It's all a question of making sure the food balance is correct." 

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