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Heart-throb David Hunter, manager of TV's Crossroads motel, is to be shot in a spine-tingling climax to next Thursday's episode.  A jealous flare-up between Hunter, played by Ronald Allen, and his ex-wife Rosemary (Janet Hargreaves) has been written into the story. And it ends with Hunter being rushed to hospital.  Alive or dead?

Last night no one in the ATV saga was talking.  They are all hoping to leave a big audience on the edge of their seats.  And to pull in more viewers for the sequel in the next instalment.

Actress Janet Hargreaves said:  "Something spectacular is planned for the next episode which goes fairly far for a 6.30 programme.  We are sworn to secrecy, but Ronnie Allen and I are very involved.  I can't say more, but it is all very exciting."

Actor Roger Tonge said:  "David Hunter gets shot - but I can't tell you what happens afterwards."

So will Hunter be killed off?  Or make a recovery and carry on in the serial?  Said Roger Tonge:  "Yes, he will carry on, as far as I know."

When popular figures are killed off it usually pulls in big audiences

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