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Jane Smith takes Sharon Metcalfe the garage mail and explains that she tried to catch her last night to ask her to take Muriel Baines her shopping, but Victor Lee told her that she had gone home early.  Sharon tells Jane that she went home after delivering a customers car.  Jane tells her that Victor Lee took Muriel her shopping, and asks Sharon to thank him for her.
Lucy Hamilton finds a photograph of Richard Lord and tears it up.  Kate tells Lucy that they might have been at the cottage for a long time if Rick hadn't turned up.  Lucy says Rick only came for one reason.  "I called for him," she says. 
Victor Lee arrives at the garage office and finds Sharon Metcalfe already at work.  "You're bright and early," he says.  "You're bright," says Sharon.  Sharon tells Victor that Jane Smith called in earlier and asked to thank him for taking Muriel her shopping.  Victor says he did it because there was no-one else.  "How did it go?" asks Sharon.  "Well, she was abit off at first, but we got talking about agoraphobia," he says.
Lucy tells Kate that she was convinced she was doing the right thing asking her father to come to England.  "he was everything that I wanted him to be.  I suppose he only let me see what he wanted me to," says Lucy. 
Lynne Baxter decides to stay on at the hospital and not take the job at Doctor Butterworth's surgery.
Kate Hamilton arrives for work at the motel and Meg tells her that they are all sorry she is leaving.  Meg offers to pay Kate more money.  "It's not just the money.  I feel responsible," says Kate, and asks Meg not to try to persuade her to stay.  "No more arm twisting, please," she says. 
Jacqueline Barrett, the new temporary manageress of the hairdressing salon, arrives at the motel and asks to see Meg Mortimer.  She goes to the office where she meets Meg, who asks her some questions about herself.  Jacqueline Barrett tells her that she is a Londoner and doesn't know the Midlands at all.  She says hairdressing is what she does best and she has always been interested in clothes and fashion.
Carney talks to Jane Smith in reception.  They are joined by a young policeman P.C. Frank Tyler, who has a cup of coffee with them.
David finds Kate in the sitting room sorting out some papers.  "I'm glad I caught you before you left. I don't like goodbye's do you.  Come back and see us.  Well, goodbye," he says, and holds out his hand to Kate who shakes it.  David pauses, then kisses her on the cheek.  "I'll miss you," he says and leaves the room.  "I'll miss you too," mutters Kate, close to tears.
Meg introduces Jacqueline Barrett to Diane and Jane.  She then takes her into the kitchen to meet the rest of the staff.
Kate comes into reception and says goodbye to Jane and Diane, then rushes out.  "I should have asked if there was anything I could do to help," says Jane Smith.  "When you're as upset as that the only person who can help is you," says Diane.
Jacqueline Barrett asks Diane for advice on finding accommodation.  She says she has a bedsit in mind and Vera Downend told her to come to Diane if she needed any help.
David tells Meg that it's going to be hard to find a secretary as good as Kate.  "I suppose you'll be moving back into the cottage," asks Meg.  "I thought Sandy and Lynne might want to use it," says David.
Jacqueline Barrett comes into the motel reception with suitcases, and David Hunter asks her if he can help.  Jacqueline introduces herself and says she is the new manageress of the hairdressing salon.  David introduces himself.  Jacqueline Barrett tells David that she went to see about a bedsit but it's been let.  David says she can have chalet. 
Meg goes to the cottage to see Kate Hamilton, and Kate tells her that she still thinks she is doing the right thing paying back the money.  She gives Meg the phone bill and a cheque for 98 to cover the bill.  Meg looks at the bill shocked, and Kate explains that Rick rang America quite often.  Meg tells her that they would be glad to have her back at the motel at any time.
P.C. Frank Tyler comes into the motel for a cup of coffee.  He shows Carney a pair of handcuffs and Carney tries them on.  P.C. Tyler gets called away and leaves Carney - handcuffed.
Episode 2904 February 1978
See Archive Dvd Volume 9
Muriel Baines telephones Sharon Metcalfe and asks her if she could pick up a few things before she goes to visit Jim the next time.  She asks Sharon if she could come to dinner that evening but Sharon says she can't make it. 

1978 Episodes continued

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