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Rosemary gets the records of the annual general meeting and sits down to study them.  David tells her that they are private.  Rosemary says that according to these records Meg sold Hugh Mortimer 25% of her shares and she asks David if Meg asked him first.  "Not exactly," says David.  "That's all I need to know," says Rosemary.
Lisa Scott tells Vera that she knows she is Clives's real mother.
At Heywood Farm Ed Lawton keeps Mrs Burrell company.  Diane and Benny arrive back at the farm and Diane winks at Benny when she see's Ed and Mrs Burrell.
Vera tells Gus that she is pleased the evening went so well.  Gus tells her that he is going to have to leave soon to go back to Liverpool to board his ship.
Mrs Ash goes to see Josie Welch and tells her that she saw a car parked outside Clover Hawkin's house from about 8 o'clock till midnight.  Josie says the car belonged to Tom Read and explains that Tom Read is paying her wages for looking after Clover Hawkins.
Meg goes to David's flat at David's request.  David says Rosemary needs a job and a role in life.  "She hasn't got the courage to start again with strangers," says David.  "You've put me in a very difficult position.  I mean Rosemary is your wife," says Meg.  "Ex-wife," David points out.  David tells Meg it's obvious she doesn't like Rosemary.  Meg says they have always been a good team and it would spoil their relationship.
Josie Welch goes to Heywood Farm and says that Clover Hawkins has started drinking and she keeps hearing things.  "I talked it over with Tom Read and he agreed it would be for her own good," she says.  "What's for her own good Josie?" asks Benny.  "To go into a home," says Josie.
David tells Meg that when she sold some of her shares to Hugh he was out of the country.  "Out of sight, out of mind," he says.  "That's not true David," says Meg.  "You could have waited until I got back and talked it over with me," says David.  "I had to make a decision," says Meg.  "Well so do I.  Anyway I can do what I like with my shares," says David.  "Well why talk to me?" asks Meg.  "Because believe it or not, I don't like doing things behind your back," says David, raising his voice. 
Rosemary passes the door and hears David's raised voice so she goes inside.  David tells her it's a private conversation, but Rosemary sits down.  "Since you're talking about me I'm staying," she says.  Rosemary tells Meg that she has always known she disliked her.
The following day David apologises to Meg for the things Rosemary said. 
Episode 2680 January 1977
See Archive Dvd Volume 6
Vera helps Clive to pack his belongings.  He says Lisa is coming to pick him up on her motorbike.
Benny tells Clover Hawkins that she will have to go into a home. 
Lisa Scott arrives to pick up Clive and she tells Vera that they will invite her to dinner soon.  clive says goodbye to Vera by offering a handshake.  Vera shakes his hand, surprised.  A short time later Carney comes to see Vera on the boat and notices that she is upset.  Vera tells him that she never really got to know Clive and says that when he left they shook hands.  She bursts into tears and Carney does his best to comfort her.
*** End of Episode 2680 ***
David complains to Meg about their temporary secretary Hilda who has taken the day off because she isn't feeling well.  Meg warns him that whatever happens he is not to let Rosemary help him.  She says that Hugh phoned the other day and was put through to the office.  She says Rosemary answered the phone and when she found out who it was she was very rude to Hugh. 
Carney see's Clive and Lisa at the motel and he tells them that he has just left Vera, and she was very upset.  Carney asks Clive to go and see Vera before he leaves.   

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