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Mr Ellis goes to the garage to discuss the new layout for the garage with Mr Walton.  Mr Walton asks him if there has been a decision about who the new garage manager will be.  Mr Ellis invites Stan and Jill Harvey to dinner.
Bill Warren tries to persuade Avis to let him stay at the flat but Avis says no.
Mr Walton asks Stan if he is applying for the job as garage manager as well but Stan tells him that he doesn't want the job.  Mr Walton says he doesn't think he stands much chance of getting the job.
Stan and Jill have a drink with Mr Ellis and Ellis tells Stan that he wasn't impressed with Mr Walton and he thinks Stan would do a much better job.  "No thanks.  Cheers," says Stan, raising his glass.  "What does the woman behind the man say?" Mr Ellis asks Jill.  Jill raises her glass.  "Cheers," she says.
Sandy shows David a letter from the motel accountant saying that they want them to adopt the new method of accountancy.  David picks up the phone and instructs Stephanie Colby to cancel any appointments he has and make him an appointment to see his accountant.  David then walks straight out of the office without another word.
Stephanie Colby tells Bill and Avis that Jeff Gilbert was very busy the other night and a customer complained about him.  Bill says he will have to have a word with Sandy.  "Oh of course, you know Sandy don't you," says Stephanie.  "Yes, we're almost like brothers," says Bill.
Mrs Merrow arrives at the motel and asks Sandy a lot of questions about Vera Downend.  She asks him to give Vera a message to meet her in reception.
David asks Anthony Mortimer for an explanation about the letter he sent to his accountant, but Anthony says he doesn't know anything about accountancy and he didn't send any letter.  Hugh joins them in the sitting room and David asks him to come and see him in the sitting room at 6.30.  David leaves.  Anthony shouts at his father.  "It's clear you want David Hunter out of the motel, and it's not for my good," he says.  Anthony says David thinks he is trying to take over the motel.  "You can have a heart attack now and I'll leave you to get on with it," says Anthony and leaves angrily.
Mrs Merrow meets Vera in reception and tells her that she has something to tell her but it's personal so she can't say anything at the motel.  Vera tells her to come to her boat at 7.30.
Bill Warren goes to see Sandy and says he heard a customer had made a complaint about Jeff Gilbert.  He suggests that Jeff needs some help in the bar and another barman is the ideal solution.  "You need a man who knows the job...er...like me," says Bill.  "Tell me one thing Bill," says Sandy.  "What's that?" asks Bill.  "How did I let myself be talked into this one," says Sandy. 
Hugh goes to the sitting room at 6.30 to see David.  "I'll come straight to the point.  You're trying to get me out and your son in.  Why?" asks David.  Hugh assures him that Anthony has no intention of taking over as manager and as far as he is concerned it's just a place to stay.  David shows Hugh the letter from his accountant and asks why he wasn't consulted.  "The management was consulted," says Hugg.  "I know when the management has been consulted," shouts David.  "I assure you they were," says Hugh, calmly.  "Then who was?" asks David.  "Meg," answers Hugh.  "Meg," repeats David.
Episode 2622 October 1976
See Archive Dvd Volume 5
Mrs Merrow goes to Vera's boat.  "Right what is it that you want to talk to me about?" asks Vera.  "Nineteen years ago, you had a son.  He was adopted.  My husband and I adopted him.  He's a first year student at Birmingham University," says Mrs Merrow.  "You must be very proud of him," says Vera.  "He wants to meet you," says Mrs Merrow.  Vera is shocked and asks how she found her and Mrs Merrrow explains.  "You went to a lot of trouble to find me but I wish you hadn't," says Vera.  Mrs Merrow explains that it is her son, Clive's, right to know who his real mother is.

1976 Episodes continued

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