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Episodes 2581 / 2582 / 2583 August 1976

See Archive Dvd Volume 5

Sandy notices Hilary Maddox's name in the motel dinner bookings with a party of four.  David tells him that he is having dinner with Bob Powell, Hilary Maddox and Eileen Blythe that evening.  Sandy asks if the two women know about Anne Powell's death and David says he is going to meet them early and tell them before Bob arrives.

Mrs Witton tells Glenda that if she hands over the ring now she will forget it, but Glenda tells her that if she is so sure she took her ring then she should report it. 

Jane Smith hears about the problem over Glenda's ten pound note. 

Jeff Gilbert tries to chat up Stephanie Colby.  Stephanie asks him to come round to her flat.

Glenda goes into the office and uses the telephone to make a personal call.  She speaks to a friend called Sandra and asks her to send her some omney so that she can pay Vera her rent.  Jane Smith comes into the office and interupts Glenda, who slams the phone down quickly. 

Hilary Maddox and Eileen Blythe arrive at the motel for their dinner date.  David meets them and takes them to the bar.  He tells the two women that he asked them to come at 7.30 and Bob to come at 8 because he has something to tell them.  "Oh, are we going to be briefed?" asks Hilary.  Bob arrives unexpectedly and orders a drink. 

After dinner Bob Powell orders his fourth whiskey, and promises that after this drink he will be a model guest.  "And I'll tell your wife that when I see her," says Hilary.  Bob grits his teeth.  "I have decided to get drunk after all.  It won't be pleasant for you I'm afraid.  Excuse me.  See these ladies home will you David," says Bob and leaves.

Eileen tells David that Hilary has her car so there is no need for him to see them home.  David asks the two women to come into his own office because he has something to tell them. 

*** End of Episode 2581 *** 

David gives Eileen and Hilary coffee in the office and attempts to explain Bob Powell's behaviour.  Hilary, in an angry outburst, tells him that she doesn't want to know about Bob. 

Vera moans at Rex Oliver for giving customers coffee and pampering them.  "Have you had a word with Mr Hunter about getting a junior?" Rex asks.  "Look Mr Hunter wasn't keen on the idea of opening the salon again in the first place.  If you want a junior you'll have to speak to Mr Hunter yourself," says Vera. 

Hilary Maddox comes to see David and says she wants to hear the explanation David was going to give them the previous evening.  "Two weeks ago Bob's wife was killed in a car crash.  She was five months pregnant," explains David.

Rex asks Vera to come on a drive in the country with him and she accepts.

Hilary Maddox see's Bob Powell in the motel reception and he apologises for his behaviour the previous evening.  "I didn't know your wife was dead.  But don't expect sympathy from a doctor," she says and walks out.

Vera discusses Rex Oliver with Stephanie Colby and says Rex and Jeff Gilbert are exactly the same.  "You know, after he chatted you up he tried the same on me.  You know, all about him being lonely and all that.  He obviously tries his luck with every girl he meets," says Vera.

*** End of Episode 2582 *** 

Glenda tells Vera that she is going to be working in the cafeteria soon.  Vera asks her if she is looking for an alternative place to live because she can't stay at the boat for ever.  Vera leaves the staffroom and Mrs Witton asks Glenda if Vera has thrown her off the boat.  "She knows you can't be trusted," says Mrs Witton.

Eileen Blythe finds David in the office and he tells her about Anne Powell.

Glenda rushes to the salon and asks Vera if it is true that she is throwing her off the boat because she can't trust her.  She says Mrs Witton thinks she stole her ring.  Vera tells Glenda that she does trust her but she can't stay on the boat for much longer.  "Oh and Glenda.  Don't tell Mrs Witton you saw me.  Let it come as a nice surprise," says Vera.

Eileen and Hilary talk in the motel reception.  Bob Powell joins them and Eileen invites him to come on a picnic with them and Eileen's son Philip.

Vera finds Mrs Witton and Jane in the staff room and tells Vera tells Mrs Witton exactly what she thinks of her.  "If I hear anymore lies I'll go straight to the management," warns Vera, and storms out.  Mrs Witton tells Jane that she is going to the management herself, and Jane warns her that she is going to and she will give Glenda's side of the story.

Bob tells Eileen that he wouldn't be very good company for her son, so Eileen invites David to come on the picnic as well.  "Bob, didn't you say you had some work to do at Woodville," says David, sensing that Bob wants to get out of the picnic.  "No, as a matter of fact I'm not doing anything tomorrow.  Yes, I will come," he says.  David says he can't come because he is on duty.






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