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Episodes 2527/8/9/30 Compilation May 1976 
See Archive Volume 5
Stan receives a letter from his solicitor to say that the man who is living in the house Stan and Jill are buying can't move out yet, so their move will be delayed.
Stan tells Jill that he has invited Jim Baines for dinner because he has been a bit down in the dumps recently.  Jim arrives for dinner but leaves soon after complaining of a headache.
Jim Baines goes to the motel for a drink.  Vera says goodbye to Jim and Carney as she leaves for the night with the salon takings.  Carney, anxious to get rid of Jim, gives Jim a bottle of beer to take with him.  Jim leaves shortly after Vera.
Carney locks the main door to reception and lowers the lights.  Suddenly Vera bangs on the door and Carney lets her in.  Vera rushes in with a cut to her forehead.  "What happened?" asks Carney.  "I don't know.  A man came up behind me.  He took the cash box with the salon takings," says Vera.  Billl Warren rushes in and tells then that he chased a man but couldn't catch him.  "I'm sure I'd recognise him again," he says.
The following day the police ask Bill Warren to the station to look at some photos to see if he could recognise Vera's attacker.
John Farnham tells David that Lia wants to see him.  David goes to see Lia and she says she is sorry.  David suggests they forget everything that happened and start again.  "No David.  We can never start again.  I could never be happy in England.  I don't belong here," says Lia.  "And the other thing I have to say is...goodbye," she says.  
Stan tells Sandy that he and Jill have to move out of their flat but they can't move into their house, so they have nowhere to go.
David tells Kelly that Lia is leaving.  "I can't forget it but I've learnt to come to terms with it.  I can't do anything else for her," he says.  "Oh David," says Kelly.   "Good luck Lia and goodbye," says David sadly.  He looks at Kelly.  "Welcome back my love," he says.  "It's good to be back," says Kelly.  "Very good.  And now everything's going to be alright," says David.
Kelly receives a telephone call in reception.  "No you can't come here Steve.  I won't listen to you.  Please leave me alone," she says and slams down the phone. 
*** End of Episode 2530 *** 
Vera wonders how the thief knew she had the salon takings with her the night she was robbed, because she doesn't ususally take them with her.  "Only two people saw me go out, Carney and Jim Baines," says Vera. 
Diane watches unseen as Benny dances around Heywood Farm kitchen with a mop.  She miles to herself.  "I think you're pretty, lovely and beautiful.  So will you be my girl Josie," says Benny and Diane's smile fades.
David and Kelly go to dinner with Stan and Jill and the two men insist on talking about houses.  Kelly avoids talking about her trip to South America.  later, when David and kelly go back to the motel Kelly tells David that all the talk about houses put her under pressure.  "Well we're going to have to find a place of our own where you can put your suitcase between trips," says David. 
Sandy asks David where he and Kelly are going on their next holiday but David says things are a bit problematic at the moment.  Sandy says it's probably the book but David says it's something else but he doesn't know what.
Police Sergeant Cross asks Jim Baines what time he left the Harvey's home the night Vera was attacked, and Jim says it was about eleven o'clock.  Sergeant Crosss goes to the Harvey's home and asks them what time Jim Baines left their house the evening Vera was attacked.  "Oh it was early, about nine thirty," says Jill.
Later, Jim Baines see's Stan and Jill and tells them that the police have been asking him questions.  He asks them to tell the police that he was with them until gone eleven o'clock.  "It's too late.  Sergeant Cross has already been," says Jill.  "What did you tell him?" asks Jim.  "That you left early, about half past nine," says Jill.  "Oh blimey," says Jim.  

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