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Benny tells Diane that now he has his father's address he will go and see him.  "You can't just go butting in.  He might have re-married," says Diane.
Doctor John Farnham tells Lia that she can move into the spare room at the lodging house where he lives if she wants to.
Meg tells David and Faye that the management of the Jason Hotel are asking them to help out with their staffing arrangements because they are short staffed.  "What a cheek, after all the trouble they caused Hugh," says Meg.  Faye suggests they send Avis Tenneson to the Jason Hotel because she is unhappy at the motel now that Bill Warren has left.
Lia tells David about moving into the same lodging house as John Farnham.  David advises against it, saying that Farnham has already hurt one girl and he doesn't want to see her get hurt.  "I must obey you," says Lia.  "Obey me?" asks David.  "Because of what I owe you," says Lia.  "You don't owe me anything.  Lia, you're an adult.  I'm only asking you to think twice," says David.
Lia see's John Farnham later and tells him that she has changed her mind about moving into the lodging house.  John asks her why she changed her mind.  "David told me it wasn't a good idea," says Lia.  "David?  But why should he object.  Or is it me he objects to," says John Farnham.  "David has been so kind to me.  There is no way I could repay his kindness.  Is that too much to ask?" says Lia. 
David Hunter's plans for a new reception are going ahead and the builders have been called in. 
Josie Welch arrives at Heywood Farm and introduces herself to Diane and Benny as the new farm help.  "I've never worked with a woman before," says Benny.  "Well now's your chance to learn," says Josie and links her arm into Benny's
Bill Warren returns to the motel.  "You've got a nerve," says Sheila Mollison who is on reception duty.  Meg Mortimer comes into reception and Bill tells her that he is the representative from the brewery and he is their new barman. 
Meg receives a telephone call from Bob Powell and he tells her that Anne is expecting a baby.  "I'm glad things turned out right and Bob didn't succeed..." Meg tells Sandy.  "...in pushing Anne onto David.  It could have been David," says Sandy.
Faye Mansfield tells Meg and Sandy that Avis Tenneson has agreed to go and work at the Jason Hotel.  "Faye did you tell her that Bill had turned up?" asks Meg.  "Well, would you have told her?" asks Faye. 
Episode 2506 March 1976
See Archive Volume 4 
John Farnham meets David in reception.  "Is this a social visit?" asks David.  "No, I want to talk to you," answers John.  They go through to the office.  "I think you know what I've come about.  I understand Lia's decision about the lodging house was a result of your advice," says John.  "Well yes.  But she made up her own mind.  I merely advised her," says David.  "Why did you give her that advice?" asks John.  "I didn't want Lia to get involved," says David.  "Oh so you disapprove of me?" asks John.  "Let's just say I think your involvements are far too casual," says Favid.  "But how do you know?  Oh Faye," says John.  "Yes Faye.  I don't want the same thing to happen to Lia," says David. 
Bill Warren finds Faye in the office and asks her where Avis is.  "She's gone where you won't be able to hurt her," says Faye.
Benny finds Josie Welch in the farm kitchen working and listening to music on the radio.  She grabs him and makes him dance with her. 
John Farnham finds Faye in the office and asks her for a particular letter.  "I keep running into people who don't like me, like David Hunter and Lia," he says.  "Lia?  But I thought you and her were..." begins Faye.  "Yes so did I.  But I never expected bitterness from you," says John.  "What?  I don't know what you're talking about," says Faye.  "Yes you do.  You told David Hunter that I treated you badly," says John.  "I never," says Faye.  "Only you could and would.  And now you've succeeded in wrecking things for me and Lia," says John.  "I never went to David Hunter and poured my heart out to him," says Faye, angrily.  David comes into the office at that moment and hears the end of the conversation.
David sends Faye out of the office on an errand.  "If you want to accuse my secretary then do it in your own time.  You've no right to accuse Faye of something before you know the truth.  She did not come to me and tell me about you and her," says David.  "Then how did you know?" asks John.  "It was obvious to all.  I don't like the way you treated Faye.  I don't like your involvement with Lia.  I disapprove of it and I disapprove of you," shouts David.

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