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Doug Randall comes to the motel.  Vera gives him the keys to the boat and tells him to go back to the boat and get some food going.  Doug goes to the boat and begins cooking.  There is a knock on the door and Doug opens it to find a woman there.  She introduces herself as Enid, a friend of Vera's. 
Vera arrives back after work and isn't very happy to find Enid there.  Enid starts talking about the naughty parties they used to have.  She tells Vera that she has had a row with her boyfriend and asks Vera if she could put her up for a few nights.  Vera gives her some money and the address of a guest house.  Once Enid has gone, Doug turns to Vera.  "Why didn't you tell me all about the other men from the beginning?" he asks.  He leaves, telling Vera he'll be in touch. 
Wilf Harvey tells Norman Finn that he should pay the 7000 since he was responsible for the fire.  Jill Harvey comes into the shop at that moment and, hearing the conversation, asks what's going on.  "Hasn't Stan told you?" asks Wilf.  "no he hasn't old me a thing.  Come on, what's all this about?" asks Jill.
Vera tells Jane that Doug has found out about her past.
Episodes 2293 / 2294 March 1975
See Archive Volume 4 
Meg tells David that she is going to pay Hugh back the 7000 for the painting, but David tells her that he doesn't think Hugh will accept it.  Later, when Meg tells Hugh he says it's unthinkable.  Meg tells Hugh that if Stan pays the 7000 it will mean the end of the business and will make life very difficult for Stan and Jill especially now they have baby Sarah Jane.  "Meg may I remind you that we are getting married very soon," says Hugh.  "And may I remind you it almost slipped my mind,"says Meg.  There is a knock on the sitting room door and Meg shouts a 'come in.'  Amy Turtle walks in.  "Mrs Richardson..." she says.  "Meg may I repeat.  We are getting married soon," shouts Hugh.  "And I repeat.  It slipped my mind!" shouts Meg.  Amy turns away and leaves the room, crying quietly.
Meg goes into reception and Amy approaches to talk to her.  Hugh Mortimer comes in and speaks to Meg.  He then leaves.  "Amy, you wanted to say something before," says Meg, seeing Amy.  "Oh it's nothing, thank you, Mrs Richardson," she says.  Meg walks away and Amy sobs.
Jane Smith tells Shughie that Amy Turtle was upset and has been sent home. 
*** End of Episode 2293 *** 
Doug Randall goes to see Vera on the boat and tells her that he shouldn't have left like that.  Vera asks him if he can get a divorce from his wife.  Doug says it could be difficult because every time she has an argument with her current boyfriend, she comes running back to him.  "Like a fool I always take her back," he says. 

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