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Sandy tells Brian Jarvis about the trouble Avis and Faye have had with the flat, and that they lost their deposit.  Brian see's Avis on reception duty and asks her exactly what happened at the flat.  When Avis has told Brian that Sonny Fazakaly made a pass at Faye, Brian says, "Faye should have kicked him one in the teeth."  "Oh she did kick him.  But not in the teeth," says Avis.  Brian says he will go and see this Sonny Fazakaly and try and get their money back. 
Episode 2262 January 1975
See Archive Volume 4 
Shughie McFee is looking for somewhere to live and Sandy tells him that Stan Harvey has a flat empty above his shop.  Shughie goes to look at it and decides to take it.
A man in naval uniform prowls around Vera Downend's narrow boat and trips over the moaring rope.  Vera, returning home, finds him and takes him onboard the boat.  The man tells her that his name is Doug Randall and he is in the merchant navy. 
Wilf Harvey tells Florrie that he thinks Stan will sack him from his job at the electrical shop because Stan is taking Norman Finn on as an apprentice.
Brian Jarvis goes to see Sonny Fazakarly and tells him that he wants Avis and Faye's money back otherwise he will tell his mother what really happened.  Sonny gives him the money.  Brian see's Faye at the motel and gives her back the money she and Avis paid as a deposit for the flat. 
Faye Mansfield goes to Stan's electrical shop and asks Wilf Harvey about the flat above the shop.  Wilf tells her it is occupied at the moment (by Shughie McFee) but as a way of getting back at Shughie McFee for introducing Stan to Norman Finn, he tells Faye that the tenant will soon be moving out. 
Mrs Ogalvie gives Meg a little black book full of complaints about the motel.  Meg apologises and tells her that she will not have to pay her bill. 
Brian Jarvis tells Wilf that the redevelopment scheme has been called off and they will not be knocking his house down.
Meg shows David Mrs Ogalvie's book of complaints.  They call a meeting of all the kitchen staff.  Meg tells the kitchen staff that there have been complaints about service and if they can't learn to work together then some of them will have to go.
Brian Jarvis asks Faye Mansfield to have dinner with him but she turns him down.   
Stan Harvey finds out that Wilf has told Faye and Avis that they could have the flat above the shop.
David gives Meg an envelope from Mrs Ogalvie.  She opens it and finds a cheque for 500 which is for a 'good cause'.

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