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Muriel Baines rushes outside into the garden and David watches her through the kitchen window.  Jim Baines arrives at the cottage.  "Oh so you're 'ere.  What's been going on.  Where's me wife?" he asks angrily.  "It's alright Jim.  He let me bring the baby in," Muriel tells her husband.  "Look I'm sorry I shouted like I did when I came in.  I didn't realise.  You could have locked her out, but you didn't.  I know you don't like us living in your cottage but we were desperate," explains Jim Baines.  "Why did it have to be me?" asks David.
Later that day David speaks with Brian Jarvis, who is working renovating old houses, if there is any chance that he could find a house for the Baines family.  Brian promises to see what he can do.
David tells Tish Hope that he feels responsible for the Baines', and suggests that Tish comes to the cottage to meet them.  David and Tish drive to David's cottage and David introduces Tish to Muriel Baines.  Muriel Baines excuses herself and goes upstairs to see to her child.  "You see I can't throw them out.  If I did then they'd be separated," David tells Tish.  Suddenly there is a loud thud from upstairs and Tish rushes upstairs followed by David.  "Quick David, call a doctor!" shouts Tish.
Doctor Derek Maynard arrives at David's cottage and tends to Muriel Baines.  He tells Tish and David that Muriel Baines is suffering from a complete mental and physical breakdown.  Jim Baines arrives at the cottage and Doctor Maynard tells him about his wife's condition.  He tries to persuade Jim Baines to put the children into care until his wife is well again but Jim refuses. 
Episodes 2173 / 2174 August 1974   
See Dvd Volume 4 / Archive Volume 4 
Vince Parker, Diane's estranged husband, arrives at the Motel and finds out that Diane is engaged to Bart Fisher.  They argue vehemently.  Vince asks Amy Turtle about Bart Fisher and she tells him that Bart has given Diane a luxury flat in Castelwich. 
Martin Bell asks the kitchen staff if they have heard that David Hunter has squatters.  He says Mr Hunter has called off all legal proceedings.  "He's soft," says Martin.  Brian Jarvis overhears him.  "I'll have you know that Mrs Baines is in hospital and Mr Hunter is letting them stay on until she's better.  He's not soft, just sympathetic ok," says Brian firmly. 
Brian Jarvis tells David that he has managed to find a house for the Baines family.  David asks Cliff Leyton if he could find Jim Baines a job with the car hire firm Leyton works for.  Cliff Leyton tells David that the firm needs a van driver.
David Hunter's housekeeper Bessie Bullock arrives at the cottage after her holiday.  "Mr Hunter, I'm back" she calls.  "Who the hell are you?" asks Jim Baines, coming up behind her.  Jim Baines tries to explain to Mrs Bullock that his family were desperate, but Mrs Bullock is far from sympathetic.  "Okay, look I know I shouldn't be here but if you were in my position you'd have done the same.  Look Mr Hunter is a decent bloke and I'll pay the damages," says Jim.  "You know Mr Hunter wouldn't accept any money," says Bessie Bullock. 

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