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Dear Diary:  More of Meg Mortimer's personal reminiscences.
Problem Child!  Sue Hanson has played Diane Lawton for over ten years now.  She talks about the challenge of Crossroads' troubled waitress.
Kelly Comes Home:  David Hunter's girl is back from the wilds.  Actress Justine Lord talks about her own dramatic life.
Sally's Army:  Jane Smith, the Motel's unselfish waitress is on the trail of injustice.  And Sally Adcock's helping her out again.
In The Beginning:  Crossroads Monthly finds out the facts behind creating the nation's favourite TV series.  Scriptwriter Peter Ling talks about his number one 'family'.
The Dashing Doctor:  Allen Lander tells what it's like as Crossroads' latest heart-breaker, Doctor John Farnham.