Motel Affair Turns Into a Real-Life Love

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Article by Andrew Parker
Two Crossroads stars revealed yesterday that their TV affair has turned to real-life love.
Romance blossomed after the first screen kiss between David Moran and blonde Jo-Anne Good.  In the smash-hit series David, 32, plays decorator Kevin Banks.  And Jo-Anne, 27, appears as Carole Sands, housekeeper of motel owner David Hunter.  Even viewers noticed that the stars' tender moments had a special Valentine's Day magic. 
Petite Jo-Anne, now in the middle of a divorce from her actor husband Richard Piper, said:  "People told me they could see how we felt about each other every time we played a scene together."
David said:  "It all started with that kiss.  After rehearsing it for a week I began to enjoy it.  Now we're in love.  I had just bought a bachelor pad in Birmingham too, and was all set for a rampant year."
Ironically, the passionate first clinch in front of the cameras was cut from the show.  David and Jo-Anne are planning a holiday in Australia in April when they take a break from the show.

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