The Bishop Saves Telly Wedding

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Article from The Sun, 1980
A Bishop has stepped in to end a Crossroads cliff-hanger -and save TV's wedding of the year.  He has given his blessing to a church service for motel heart-throb David Hunter and his screen sweetheart Barbara Brady. 
Now divorcee David, played by actor Ronald Allen, will walk down the aisle at a tiny village church where second marriages are banned.
The Bishop of Birmingham, the Rt Rev Hugh Monteflore, says TV crews may use picturesque St Mary Magdalene church in Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwicks, for wedding day scenes.
But he will only allow a blessing - not a full marriage service - for David and Barbara, actress Sue Lloyd.
ATV have used the church twice before in Crossroads for Christmas carol services and wanted to keep it in the show.  But worried vicar the Rev Martin Tunnicliffe called in the bishop when he was asked to allow the wedding of a 'divorcee.'
Mr Tunnicliffe said yesterday:  "I do not watch Crossroads but I do have particularly strong views about divorcees remarrying in church.  I would not marry a divorcee in my church."
The bishop said:  "I was consulted by the vicar and have given my consent.  It will only be a blessing so I have no objections."
The wedding ends weeks of speculation for millions of Crossroads fans about the future of motel partner David.  They recently saw him shot by his ex-wife and feared he was being written out.  ATV expect to film the wedding in the spring.  But the date will be kept secret to stop fans bringing the village to a standstill. 

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