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Since December the cast of Crossroads have each received 80 an episode instead of 60.  A rise which Equity, the actors' union, negotiated with ATV, the producers.  The union are still seeking dress allowances and holiday pay.
Priscilla Meredith, of Equity, said:  "Crossroads has been a running sore with us for a long time.  Actors are paid the minimum rate - which is ludicrous for such a popular programme.  In theory, paying the minimum leaves individual actors free to negotiate for what they are worth.  But actors in Crossroads don't ever negotiate.  They are too vulnerable when they can be written out so quickly."
Miss Meredith said Equity members of the show didn't care to complain openly, but some told her their grievances in confidence.
"The management rarely believe they they have any dissenters," she said.  "And I certainly willl not tell them who the individuals are.  It's the same about actors having to use their own clothes in the programme.  ATV have it written into their contract that they will only supply clothes which would not normally be in the actor's own wardrobe.  This is rediculous.  We are insisting that all ITV companies should dress their productions.  And that if an artist does wear his or her own clothes, there should be an allowance.  In fact, the company have come up with an offer which we are now discussing."
An ATV spokesman said:  "It is not our policy to give details of artists' contracts and fees.  Or of terms of employment."
Nor would they tell us how much each episode costs to make.  But four years ago the budget for one episode of Crossroads was 700 compared with 3,000 for Coronation Street.

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