Meg Sails Away

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The brass band played A Life on the Ocean Waves.  The QE2 pulled out of the harbour.  And Meg Mortimer was on her way to a new life. 

It was the happy ending millions of Crossroads fans had been hoping for.  For it was revealed in last nights episode that Meg missed the blaze that destroyed the TV motel.  And her daughter Jill did not tell her about it in an emotional farewell scene aboard the liner.

Last night actress Noele Gordon, who played Meg, said she was delighted the producer had chosen a happy ending rather than the four sad ones they had recorded.  "I truly believe that millions of viewers would have been very upset if Meg had died," said Noele. 

But she didn't think she would be asked to return to the series.  "After all, ATV sacked me," said Noele.  She didn't see the episode herself because she was rehearsing for a new stage musical, Gypsy.  "I am just not interested in Crossroads any more," Noele added.

The nail-biting moment for Crossroads fans came when Meg rang her daughter at the motel which she had run for 16 years.  A tearful reunion followed in the QE2's Queen Mary suite.  Before the fire started Meg had announced that she was quitting the motel and had left to go to Southampton to begin her new life.  She had left a note for her daughter but that was destroyed in the blaze.  Viewers learned that she had not wanted to say goodbye to everyone because she was worried that they would try to change her mind.

And where is she bound for?  The liner was heading for New York after a call in France.  But Meg's ultimate destination is probably Australia.  "It will transpire in future episodes where she has gone," said producer Jack Barton.  "But there is absolutely no chance that Meg Mortimer will come back.  She's gone for good."

Dozens of viewers rang ATV to say they were happy that Meg Mortimer had not been killed off.  "Some of them were actually crying with joy," said an ATV spokesman.


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