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Kelly asks David if he was deliberately trying to put her off meeting Meg Richardson and David admits he was.  Kelly promises that she won't bring up Malcolm Ryders name in her article.  David says he is grateful and asks Kelly to have dinner with him that evening.  "Mr Hunter, just because I said I wouldn't tell, it doesn't mean you have to carry on buttering me up." 
Meg is alone in her sitting room when she hears tapping on the French Windows.  "I wish people wouldn't do that," she says.  She goes to the windows where she finds Amy Turtle.  Amy wishes Meg well for her wedding the next day.
Kelly tells Reg Hayles that Meg Richardson was married to Malcolm Ryder but she promised not to mention it in her article.  Hayles says it would make a fantastic scoop, but Kelly makes him promise not to mention it.  "I will if you make it worth my while," says Hayles and pounces on Kelly, kissing her.  At that moment David Hunter comes into the sitting room.  "I beg your pardon," he says making a hurried exit.  Reg Hayles laughs but Kelly glares at him annoyed.
The following day at the Motel David and Sandy, dressed in their grey morning suits, prepare for Meg and Hugh's wedding. 
Episodes 2301 / 2302 March 1975
See Dvd Volume 1 / Archive Volume 4
Diane Parker arrives back at the Motel from her trip to America and meets Faye Mansfield.  Faye tells her that most of the staff are at Meg and Hugh's wedding.  Diane's ex-husband Vince offers Diane a lift to the reception which is being held at the Chateau Impey, Droitwich Hotel.
At the church, Meg and Hugh receive the blessing and leave the church to much cheering from the crowd.  The guests gather at the Droitwich Hotel for the reception.  Jane tells Meg that Amy was at the church but she left halfway through the blessing.  Sandy introduces Holly Brown, who sings a song called 'We'll find our Day'. 
David Hunter returns to the Motel and Faye tells him that Diane is in his office.  David goes to the office and welcomes Diane back.  "America must have suited you," he says.  "Yes, but I'm glad to be back.  Back to the grindstone.  I suppose there's a lot of work for me to catch up on," says Diane.  "Diane, I don't think you quite understand the situation.  Faye is not temporary.  I'm sorry Diane but she is my secretary now,"  says David.  
*** End of Episode 2302 ***
Kelly and Reg Hayles walk through reception and Kelly comes face to face with David in reception and rushes past him.  "Your friend seems to be in a hurry," says David to Reg Hayles.  "Not in a hurry, just embarrassed Mr Hunter.  After all you did find us in a difficult position on the settee in the sitting room," says Reg.  "Well, the sitting room is very private.  I didn't expect anyone to be in there," says David.  "What we were doing was very private," says Reg.
Reg Hayles tells Kelly that he thinks David Hunter likes her.  "You're crazy," says Kelly.  "No I'm serious.  He likes you," insists Hayles.  "Now I know you're crazy.  David Hunter doesn't like me and I don't like him.  He doesn't mean a thing to me," says Kelly.

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