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 Force Of Life

Guest Artists/Additional Cast
Ian McShane as Anton Zoref
Gay Hamilton as Eva Zoref
John Hamill as Dominix
Eva Rueber-Staier as Jane
Johnny Byrne
David Tomblin
Writer Johnny Byrne wanted to get away from the good versus evil storyline, and finished the shooting script for 'Force of Life' on the 15th May, 1974.
The episode was originally called 'Force of Evil'.
Shooting for the episode began on May 29th, 1974, and for the first time the series would undergo censorship problems.  The offending scene occured when Alan Carter blasted Zoref with his laser to prevent him entering the reactor section.  Though now obviously dead and scorched black the intelligence animating Zoref causes him to rise up and continue his quest, emphasised by glowing eyes.  Portions of this scene were cut when the episode was screened in Germany and drew complaints when screened in Denmark.
Director David Tomblin created a stylised piece of work including unusual camera angles and distorted points of view.  There are some memorable scenes when Zoref strides down corridors on Alpha and the lights go out as he passes by as the force in him draws heat from them.
Zoref terrorises several bikini-clad female operatives when he arrives at the solarium.  One of the women is played by former Austrian Miss World Eva Rueber-Staier.  
Electronic music used in this episode was by French composers and included The Latest Fashion by Giampiera Boneeschi, Videotronics by Cecil Leuter and Cosmic Sounds No.1 and No. 3 by Georges Teperino.
The production crew worked on 'Force of Life' for eight working days until Friday June 7th, then took a three week summer break before reconvening on Monday 1st July for a further five days shooting.

Information from 'Production Notes: Series One' booklet by Michael Richardson  Copyright Granada Ventures