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 Force Of Life

Object approaches

Eva and Anton Zoref

John and Victor wonder about mysterious object

Zoref begins his working day

Alien object approaches Alpha

Alien force finds Zoref

Zoref calls for help

Zoref comes around

Zoref blows the medical monitor

Eva tries to turn down the heat

Zoref absorbs power

Scan of generating area energy surge

Generating area

Anton freezes the coffee

Mark Dominix freezes

Dominix frozen


Zoref kills medical orderly

Eva tells Helena that Anton is sick

Solarium area

Zoref absorbs heat

Preparing to stun Anton

Under observation

The force inside Zoref

Helena keeps Zoref under observation

Zoref breaks out of restraints

Zoref freezes security guard

Helena and Zorefs third victim

Cutting power

Eva tries to save Anton

Alan saves Eva from Anton

Victor's mechanical heart

Alan fires laser at Zoref

Zoref regenerated by laser

Zoref enters reactor

Zoref and new life form leave Alpha