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 Death's Other Dominion

Cabot Rowland and Jack Tanner

Eagles goes to investigate

Helena and Victor

Ice planet

Victor wants to sleep

Helena is lost

Helena is found

John and Victor are found

Alphans rescued

John helped

Where's Alan?

Keeping warm on Thule

A death on Thule would be a wonderful thing

Alan in danger

Helena regains consciousness

You saved our lives

Alphans meet Jack Tanner

Alan reaches safety of Ealge


No hope for Alan

Ultima Thule

Alan tries to contact Alpha

Cabot Rowland sabotages communications

Rowland Cabot tries to contact Alpha

Alan takes off from Ultima Thule

Alan gives Alpha the bad news

Victor gets a guided tour


Alphans are not all fools


The living dead

Experiment on Victor

Destroy the experiment

John contacts Alpha

Freda offers to go to Alpha

Tell me what you know

Death has dominion

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