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 The Last Sunset

Christopher Penfold
Charles Crichton
Christopher Penfold had the shooting script ready for 'The Last Sunset' by July 21st, 1974, and completed amendments overnight for approval the next day.
Another four pages of 'The Last Sunset' were rewritten by Penfold and these were approved on the 23rd July to allow filming to begin the following day. 
Gerry Anderson thought that the nature of this script meant that portions could be filmed on location; however, creating the required special effects against the sky was going to be more expensive than in the studio against a black background.  As a result, the only location work was done in the L and M stages car park, and this is when the Alphans step outside onto the Moon's surface to enjoy the feeling of falling rain.
The script had scenes showing corrosion starting to attack portions of Alpha after the aliens on Ariel have given the moon an atmosphere and Koenig instructing the replacement of the base's windows.  However, these sequences are not in the episode and so when Koenig calmly opens a window the obvious question is why build a base on the moon with opening windows?
The background music heard in this episode was all by Barry Gray, from the previous Anderson series 'Stingray', 'Supercar', 'Joe 90' and 'The Secret Service'.

Information from 'Production Notes: Series One' booklet by Michael Richardson 

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