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Meg Mortimer stops Kath Brownlow in reception and says that various members of staff have been arriving late for work.  Meg asks Kath how long it takes the kitchen staff to get ready in the mornings and Kath tells her about ten minutes.  Meg says in that case staff will have to be here at 8.45 ready to start work at 9 o'clock.

Benny asks Len Morton how old he is and Len says he is seventeen.  Doris Luke prepares to leave Stonebank Farm.  Benny asks Len to stay and keep him company. 

Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that there is something worrying Glenda.  Kath tells Arthur that he deserves his promotion but at the moment she can't share in his happiness.

Diane Hunter, Meg and Adam Chance have a meeting in the office.  Diane tells them that the kitchen staff are not very happy about having to come into work at 8.45, and some of them are threatening to leave.  Diane tells Adam and Meg that kitcehn staff are hard to come by, and Meg asks what she suggests they do.  Diane tells them to leave it with her and she'll think about it. 

Benny tells Len Morton that he doesn't think he will be able to see.  He says Miss Luke said it was an accident, that he got in the way.  Benny asks Len Morton if Miss Luke told him about the two men who attacked her and ran him down, and Len says yes.  "I might only have one eye but I'll get them.  I'll make them sorry," says Benny. 

Glenda Banks tells Kath that she is going to sleep in her brother Ron's old room whilst Kevin is doing this work at the motel.  She says Kevin needs his sleep and she doesn't want to disturb him. 

Meg finds Len Morton in the staff room and asks him who he is.  Len Morton tells her that he is helping out at Stonebank Farm until Benny is better.  Meg says she has seen him before, and Len tells her that he has been in the motel a few times for a drink.  Diane Hunter comes into the staff room and tells Len Morton that Doris Luke has left work and Len says he will catch her up along the way.  he leaves the staff room.  Meg tells Diane that there is something funny about Len Morton.  "He's one of them.  Those two who ranBenny down," says Meg, suddenly remembering.  Meg says she must go and warn Doris.

Meg goes to Stonebank Farm and Benny lets her in.  She tells Benny that he shouldn't be up and she helps him back to bed.  Meg asks Benny what he knows about Len Morton, and Benny says no much.  He says Doris Luke bought him here.  Doris Luke arrives at Stonebank and MEg asks her who Len Morton is.  "Just a local lad," says Doris Luke.

Meg says she saw Len Morton the other day and he was with that other lad, the one's who attacked Doris and ran Benny over.  Meg says Len Morton is wanted by the police.  Benny asks Doris Luke if this is true and Doris says yes but Len only wanted to make amends for what he had done.  Benny says he doesn't want Len here.

Meg telephones J. Henry Pollard but instead speaks to his daughter Miranda.  Miranda Pollard tells Meg that her father is in America on business.  Meg asks Miranda if she is doing anything at the moment and Miranda says no.  Meg asks Miranda if she would like to help them out at the motel for a few weeks and Miranda tells her she would love to help out.

Shughie McFee tells the kitchen staff that eh has to go to the office to sort through the applications for the job as kitchen assistant.  He tells the staff that he is putting Kath Brownlow in charge whilst he is out of the kitchen.  Diane Hunter stands by and looks a bit put out that she hasn't been put in charge. 

Len Morton arrives at Stonebank Farm and Benny asks him if he could straighten his pillow.  Len bends over to straighten his pillow and Benny grans him around the neck, and twists his arm behind his back.  Len Morton cries out in pain.  Doris Luke comes downstairs and tells Benny to let Len go.

Doris Luke tells Len Morton that Meg Mortimer knows who he is and has threatened to go to the police if he doesn't turn himself in.  "What about Benny?" asks Len Morton.  "Don't worry about me," says Benny.  Doris tells Len that Benny will need help until he is fit again so that will give him a few days grace, but after that he will have to go to the police.  Doris tells Len Morton that she will go to the police with him and maybe she can help. 

Kath Brownlow joins Kevin Banks in the motel staff room and tells her that she knows she should be happy about Arthur's move to Newcastle but the truth is she doesn't want to move.  She says there is something else she wanted to tak to him about.

Doris Luke goes into the motel office to see Meg Mortimer and tells her that she spoke to Len Morton about him going to the police.  She tells Meg that Len is willing to turn himself in but he is going to stay on at Stonebank Farm until Benny is back on his feet again.  Doris tells Meg that there is good in Len Morton and it was the other lad who led him on.

A woman named Renee Haines arrives at the motel and tells Adam Chance that she has come to see about the job as a kitchen help.  Adam phones through to the office and tells Meg that Renee Haines has arrived for her interview.

Adam Chance shows Renee Haines into the office where she meets Meg Mortimer and Shughie McFee.  Renee Haines tells Meg that she has plenty of excperience , she started at the bottom and worked her way up to become assistant chef.  Meg says they are only looking for  someone to wash up.  "Oh," says Renee Haines.  Meg tells Renee Haines that she will let her know.

When Renee Haines has left the office Adam Chance comes into the office and he asks Meg what she thought about Renee Haines.  Meg tells him that she thinks they can cross her off their list. 

In reception Renee Haines talks to Kath Brownlow, and tells her that she has just had an interview with Mrs Mortimer for the kitchen assistants job.  Renee tells Kath that Mrs Mortimer said she had to see one or two more applicants but there isn't much doubt that the job is hers.

Renee Haines asks Kath if she could look around the kitchen, that Mrs Mortimer said she could.  Kath Brownlow takes Renee Haines into the kitchen.  Shortly after Shughie McFee comes into the kitchen and see's Kath Brownlow talking with Renee Haines.  He asks Kath what Mrs Haines is doing here and Kath tells him that Renee Haines is going to be working here and she just wanted to have a look around.  Shughie McFee tells Kath that the management have not reached a decision.  Renee Haines tells Shughie that Mrs Mortimer led her to believe that the job was hers but Shughie says no, Mrs Mortimer told her she would let her know which is another way of saying that they didn't find her suitable.  Renee starts crying and Shughie McFee tells her to leave.

Diane Hunter finds Renee Haines in the staff room and says she understands that there has been a bit of a misunderstanding.  Renee Haines explains that Mrs Mortimer led her to believe that she had the job as kitchen help so she thought she would look around the kitchen.  Diane tells her that she will have a word with Mrs Mortimer.  Diane asks Renee Haines if she really needs the job and Renee says yes.  "Right.  You start on Monday," says Diane.

Diane Hunter tells Adam Chance that Shughie McFee took it upon himself to tell Renee Haines that she wasn't wanted.  Adam tells Diane that was the general idea, Meg wasn't keen on her.  Diane says she told Renee she could start on Monday.  "Oh Diane," says Adam. 




1981 Episodes continued

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