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Len Morton bangs on the door at Stonebank Farm and asks Doris Luke to let him in.  Doris Luke opens the door to him and lets him in.  Len Morton asks Doris if she will go to the police and Doris says she has to, it's her duty.  Doris tells Len Morton that what she said about Benny being blind wasn't quite true, there is a good chance that he will see.  She advises Len Morton to turn himself in and Len Morton tells her that he would have done anything not to have had this happen.
Doris Luke talks to Mr Marlow at the hospital and he says that Benny thinks his eye will get better if he went home.  Doris Luke asks Mr Marlow if she promised to take good care of Benny would he let him go home and Mr Marlow says yes.
Percy Dobson goes to the motel office and gives Adam Chance his estimate for redecorating the chalets.  He asks Adam if there are only the two tenders, his and Kevin Banks, and Adam says yes.  Percy Dobson tells Adam that kevin is a good worker but he still has a lot to learn.
Percey Dobson see's Kevin Banks in the motel reception and tells him that the job is his.  "Mr Chance told you that has he?" asks Kevin.  Jill Harvey, at the reception desk, overhears the conversation.  Percy Dobson tells Kevin that he no doubt thought he would be alright on last years prices, 150 per chalet, but he'll never make a profit on that.
Len Morton arrives at the motel and asks Adam Chance if he could see Doris Luke.  Doris Luke comes into reception and introduces Adam to Len Morton.  She tells Adam that Len has agreed to help them out with the deliveries of vegetables. 
Adam Chance calls Kevin Banks into the office and asks him why he quoted below last years prices.  He tells Kevin that Percy Dobson quoted below last years prices as well.  Adam tells Kevin that his quote of 139 per chalet was a strange figure.  Kevin tells him that he was going to quote 140 but Kath Brownlow suggested he knocked the pound off.  "They do have their uses then," says Adam.  "What?" asks Kevin.  "Mothers in law," says Adam.  Adam tells Kevin that Percy Dobson's quote was 140 and he was pretty confident that the job was his.  Kevin tells Adam that Percy Dobson said he would undercut him on everything he did.  Adam tells Kevin that the job is his.  Kevin thanks him and says it was just the start he needed.
Once Kevin has left the office Adam Chance telephones Percy Dobson.  Percy Dobson says that was quick and asks Adam when he can start.  "Mr Banks put in the lower estimate," Adam tells him.  Adam puts the phone down and grins.  He reaches across the desk for the letter with Kevin's estimate on.  On the paper is written 'For decorating 10 chalets at the Crossroads Motel - 139 per chalet.'  Adam crosses out the 139 and writes '150 as agreed by Adam Chance.'
Diane Hunter finds Jill Harvey in the staff room and Diane tells her that Ray Segal has left.  She says Ray felt he was being used and she was only marrying him to get Nicky back.  Jill hands Diane a letter which is addressed to Diane and Diane opens it.
Glenda Banks clears the cups from the motel office.  Kevin joins her in the office and tells her that he has got the chalet decorating job.  He notices his letter containing the estimate lying on the desk.  He looks at it for a moment and says that's strange.  He shows Glenda the letter and tells her that his figure of 139 has been crossed out and 150 written in.  He says that means 110 extra for the chalets.
Diane Hunter shows Meg the letter she received, and tells her it is from David Hunter.  She tells Meg that David wants her to represent him at board meetings.  Meg reads the letter and says it's the last paragraph that worries her.  Meg says that if David doesn't agree to the proposal then David wants Chris to return to England and stand in for him.  Diane tells Meg that she doesn't really understand what it all means but she will do it.
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that Kevin has got the contract to redecorate the motel chalets.  She says she is worried, and thinks there is something wrong.  She says Glenda is full of doubts, and now they are leaving.
Meg explains to Jill about the situation with David and tells her that David wants Diane to represent him.  Diane comes into the office and tells Meg that she would rather the rest of the staff didn't know about this.  Meg says she doesn't agree, she thinks the staff should know. 
Kevin and Glenda Banks arrive home and Kevin tells Kath that her idea of taking a pound off his estimate did the trick.  When Kath leaves the room Kevin puts his arms around Glenda and tries to  kiss her, but Glenda pulls away.
Diane Hunter visits Benny in hospital and he tells her he wishes he could go home.  He tells Diane that Doris Luke has found a young lad to help out on the farm but she has to tell him what to do all the time.
In the middle of the night Glenda comes downstairs to the living room with her pillow and blanket.  Kevin follows her into the room and asks her what she is doing.  Glenda tells Kevin that she couldn't sleep and she didn't want to disturb him.  Glenda tells Kevin that he could have had the pick of the girls like Beverley.  Kevin tells her that he doesn't want Beverley.  Glenda tells Kevin that she loves him but she doesn't think she will be able to hold onto him.
The following morning Kath Brownlow asks Glenda if she is alright because she heard her get up in the middle of the night.  Glenda tells her mother she had a headache.  Kath tells Glenda that if there is anything wrong she can tell her. 
Benny waits at the hospital to be taken home with his eyes still bandaged.  Mr Marlow tells him that it is important that he rests and doesn't move about too much. 
Meg discusses the menu's with Diane.  Meg finds Kath and Glenda in the staff room putting their work uniforms on.  Meg tells them that they are late and Kath apologises.
Benny returns to Stonebank Farm and goes to his bed, which has been brought downstairs.  Doris Luke goes outside to close the gate.  Len Morton comes into the room and slams the door behind him.  Benny, with his eyes still bandaged, asks who it is, but Len Morton doesn't answer.  

1981 Episodes continued

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