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Miranda Pollard arrives at the motel and Adam Chance, who is on duty at the reception desk, asks her what she is doing here.  Miranda tells him that Meg asked her to help them out for a few weeks. 
Mr Marlow examines Benny's eyes and tells him that he will operate in two days. 
Glenda and Kevin Banks looks at the headed paper which Kevin has had printed.  Arthur tells them that one day it will read K. Banks and Son.  "Why stop at one," says Kevin.  Glenda looks at him.
When they are alone Kevin tells Glenda that she isn't sleeping in Ron's room, she must move back into their room.  Glenda tells him that it was only because she wanted him to have a good nights sleep because he works so hard.  Glenda tells Kevin that she loves him so much and wants everything to be perfect.  She says she lays awake at night thinking, 'He's mine, but I don't deserve him.'  She turns to face Kevin.  "I love you," Kevin tells her. 
Len Morton tells Benny that he might be leaving King's Oak.  Benny tells him that whereever he goes the police will find him.
Adam Chance tells Meg that Diane Hunter has found them a kitchen help, and Meg asks who.  Adam tells her it's Renee Haines.  Meg says Diane had no right to do that.
Later, when Meg is on reception duty Diane comes out from the kitchen.  Meg tells Diane that she should have consulted her or Mr Chance before employing Renee Haines.  She says Shughie McFee doesn't like Renee Haines, and he is the one who has to work with her.  Diane says Shughie will have to get used to it.
Renee Haines goes into the motel staff room and see's Kevin Banks there.  She asks Kevin if this is where the staff get changed and Kevin says no.  Glenda Banks comes in.  Later, Kevin joins Glenda in the staff room and says that Renee Haines is a stirrer. 
In the kitchen Renee Haines sidles up to Glenda and says she thought she had better warn her about men.  She says they stray and the longer they're married the worse they are.  Glenda turns away.  "Leave me alone," shouts Glenda.
Adam and Meg wait in the office for Diane to arrive for a board meeting.
Renee Haines talks very loudly to one of the kitchen staff about men, and Glenda tries not to listen.  Renee asks Glenda if she is alright now, and Glenda walks away.
Miranda Pollard telephones Diane Hunter and reminds her that she should be in the office for a board meeting.  Diane announces to the rest of the kitchen staff that she has a very important meeting to attend in the office and says she is leaving Doris Luke in charge.
Diane joins Meg, Adam and Miranda in the office.  Adam brings up Diane's idea of fixed price menu's in the restaurant, and says he doesn't know if it's a good idea.  Miranda says she thinks it's a very good idea.  The idea is approved.
Meg asks Shughie McFee into the office and tells him that they have decided to have fixed price menu's in the restaurant, and Shughie isn't very keen on the idea.  Meg tells Shughie that he should have a little more patience with Diane because she is in a difficult position.
Len Morton goes to visit Benny in hospital but Benny tells him that he doesn't want to see him.  Len says he thought Benny might want some company but Benny says he doesn't want his.
Glenda Banks does her mothers hair and tells Kath that she is scared about her and Kevin.  Glenda tells Kath that it's not good between her and Kevin and that Kevin says it doesn't matter.  Kath advises Glenda  to seek some expert advice.
The nurses prepare Benny for his operation.  They wheel him down the corridor, and Len Morton walks alongside him.  "Good luck Benny," says Len.
Arthur Brownlow shows Kath some brochures for house in Newcastle, but Kath isn't very interested.  Kath tells Arthur that Glenda might have to go and see a psychaitrist.
Renee Haines finds Diane Hunter in the staff room and says she thinks there's someone in the kitchen that isn't trustworthy.  She says Doris Luke took a bag of sugar from the storeroom and now there are three missing.
Mr Marlow checks Benny's eyes after the operation.  He asks Benny to open his eyes which Benny does, and tells the doctor that he can see.  Mr Marlow puts some dark glasses on Benny to keep the light out.
Renee Haines asks Shughie McFee if the fixed priced menu's was a management decision, and Shughie says yes, he wasn't consulted.  Renee tells Shughie that he shouldn't stand for it, after all he is the chef and the place can't run without him.    
Diane Hunter comes into the kitchen and Shughie asks her where she has been.  Diane tells Shughie that she asked for time off to go and see Benny at the hospital.  Shughie tells Diane that she may be able to throw her weight about in the office but she can't do it in here.  They begins shouting.  Adam Chance comes into the kitchen and asks what is going on.  He tells Shughie that there are people in the restaurant waiting to order.  Adam tells Diane that he would like to see her in the office.
Benny asks Doris Luke why Len Morton came to the hospital to see him, and Doris says she asked him to.  She tells Benny that Len looks up to him.
Diane Hunter goes into the office and Adam Chance asks her what the argument with Shughie McFee was about.  Diane tells him that Shughie thought she needed putting in her place.  Adam tells Diane that he doesn't agree with the way she handeled the situation.  He says she should have taken Shughie into the staff room.  Diane tells Adam that she is sorry he is disappointed in her, but she is disappointed in him too. 
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that she will look at the house brochures and get something sorted out.  Arthur tells her it's too late.  "You haven't taken one already?" asks Kath.  "No, we're not going," says Arthur.  Kath hugs him.
Benny arrives back at Stonebank Farm and finds Len Morton waiting.  Benny tells Len that he doesn't look like he imagined he would.  Benny finishes his meal and Len Morton goes to clear away Benny's plate.  Benny says he can do it, and grabs the plate.  The plate crashes to the floor.  Len picks it up without another word.
Kath Brownlow tells Glenda that she and Arthur won't be going to Newcastle.  Glenda asks why and Kath says it was a decision made at Arthur's office.  Glenda says she is sorry for her dad but she is glad that they aren't going.  Glenda tells Kath that Marion Owen is going to make an appointment for her to see a specialist.

1981 Episodes continued

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